Budding landing system at any airfields

At the current time in Russian Municipal Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS) are working on a new set of equipment for aircraft landing in complex criteria. According to reports, in the long term it equipment will be installed on the majority of aircraft operating in the country. Perhaps such complex over time even go down in the list of mandatory equipment for aircraft, without which it will not get the proper permits.

Prospective landing system at any airfields

It should be noted that in our country's system of landing in bad weather or NIGHT MODE appeared a little more than sixty years ago. Since then, they have not once been updated and improved. The essence of their work of the ordinary: a set of antennas located near the runway emit directional signals that allow the crew of the aircraft represent their approximate position and adjust it in accordance with the obtained signals. System of so-called blind landing with the introduction of radio vserasprostranennym now are the type of such equipment. At the same time, with ILS instrument approach have the corresponding defect: airfields far not all can be equipped with them. If only because of economic circumstances. Complex Terrestrial radio is quite complex and expensive. For this reason, the criteria of the Russian Federation with its wide network of small airports need any other remedy in the event of emergency situations.

As an example of the need for such systems can result in landing airliner Tu-154, produced by September 7, 2010 at the airport Izhma. In 2003 Izhma was closed for the reception of aircraft, respectively, no special equipment for blind landing of this type of technology airfield had not. Fortunately, the crew managed by EG Novoselov sat on Izhme about eight o'clock in the morning, when it was light. If an emergency situation occurred NIGHT MODE, it is unlikely that the incident would have ended with only small damage equipment. Izhme similar airports in the country a lot and it should be possible to fit them in all criteria. Has long been proposed for this purpose television or thermal imaging systems. Abroad, the first samples of such systems have appeared a few decades back. In our country were working in this direction, but due to the economic problems of the last few decades that they are suspended, if not entirely ceased. Now, in such a complex project GosNIIAS for planting in difficult criteria out of the stage of collecting scientific disk imaging.

It is reported that the foundation of the new complex is a thermal imaging camera. Her task — filming location at the bottom-front of the aircraft and transmit a signal to the computing unit. That, in turn, processes the video data and outputs it to the screen carriage. At first glance, everything is very simple. But the control systems laboratory synthesized and advanced video GosNIIAS O. Vygolov argues that system will have a fascinating feature. The computational part of the complex should not only serve as an intermediary in the transmission signal. Her responsibilities will also come defining the contours of the runway, the marks on her and lighting devices. Monitor the crew will be given an image with illuminated surface objects. For the convenience of the crew video output can also be done on indicators windshield — in practice, this is not the most difficult part of the project.

Where are enormous difficulties in the development of cause computer-detect objects and select range in which optical information will be collected. According to the views of a test pilot A. Akimenkova, infrared spectrum, in general, is good, but it has its downsides. First, clouds, fog and other weather phenomena such will make noise and interfere with the operation of the system. Yet, particularly in the infrared spectrum of work zabugornye analogue of the Russian system.

It should be recognized that South American and Canadian companies have bypassed GosNIIAS not even on the body and not by two. For example, Americans of Rockwell Collins for a couple of years supply their thermal imaging systems blind landing concern Airbus. Another favorite is the world's aviation industry — Boeing — buys a equipment the Canadian CMC Electronics. Noteworthy that at the current time the optical landing system in complex criteria are not yet standard equipment of aircraft. As long as they are equipped with only 10-15 per cent of the machines. But given the nedavneshnego complete absence of such systems, even those percentages look promising. Most likely in the coming years with the optical fraction of aircraft landing systems will grow significantly, and by 2020, the ICAO will receive offers to introduce them to the list of necessary equipment.

If the assumption about the development of the current trends will get proof that Russia is ready system blind landing will be presented in time for the time, no one will hesitate to its necessity. True, at first to complete all the work, but it will take a couple of years. By now of days have been completed only study on the topic. In fact, the development of the complex was begun only recently. We will impose, the Russian equipment in the future will be able to get not only on Russian aircraft, and on zabugornye.

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