By 2011, 50 percent of the territory of Moscow will go under water?




Explanation of the origin of the word "Moscow" from the ancient Russian expression "wet spot" is beginning to justify itself in the 21st century

Moscow is not included in the zone of natural risk, but the capital is fraught with the danger of another kind. According to the professor, chief researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Earth. Gamburtseva Sciences Andrei Nikonov, Moscow is now the main problems associated with water — on the ground and under the ground. "In the asphalt Moscow during the summer downpours low-lying areas are water bodies. Even more dangerous flooding. Natural circulation of surface water and groundwater so corrupt and artificial reservoirs are in such a state (depreciation of 65%), almost 40% of the urban area the water level does not go deeper than three meters, the newspaper "Newspaper".

According to the Institute of Ecology of the year 2011 is expected flooding of 89% of the territory in the Eastern District, more than 50% — in the North-East, South-East, the West, more than 40% — in the South, North and North-West districts. But a more threatening situation between Yauzoy and the Yaroslavl highway, along Schelkovskogo, Dmitrov, Warsaw, road enthusiasts, between the Southern port and bonnet, in Mnevniki. In Lefortovo become waterlogged foundations Burdenko Hospital and the Academy of Armored Forces. About 21% of the territory of South-West district of flooding of exposed: in the danger zone hit residential areas Jasenevo, Teply Stan and Cheratnovo.

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