Celestial predators




The existence of strange life forms that live in our atmosphere is still the subject of speculation and controversy. Culture of many countries myths abound on the topic aerovideny like Piram and sylphs. But myths are based on true stories from the past. While many of these works are considered good, there is an assumption that there are among them, and heaven predators.

Discounted birds and celestial snake

Journalist Scott, who led the investigation, found the stories about burning birds that allegedly started a fire in ancient Rome around 106 BC and Puerto Rico — in the 1970s. Researcher James Trevol, spending infrared photography, photographed strange aeroobrazovaniya in the California desert in 1950. Later, film director Joyce Eskamil surprised the world with rapid flight movie a creature, which he called rods.

The latter, who talked about them, was a journalist Vincent Gaddis. In his book, "Heavenly Dragon" he tells the strange fires and fires that are made of snakes. This creature is rumored to have flown on a group of frightened observers in Crawfordsville (Indiana) in September of 1891 and it was 18-20 feet in length. The witness, a local pastor, says he is a good look at this thing: it was a bright-eyed, and his mouth was on her hot breath. Similar creations seen in the 60-70s of the western United States.

September 11, 1948 thousands of other species of birds ubilis or maim when they began to attack the transmitting tower WBAL in Baltimore (Maryland). According to the news studio INS was not fog or other bad weather. All of these birds escaped from the heavenly predator who pursued them.

Falling skies and airgel

In 1917, the press reported that hundreds of different species of birds fell from the clear blue sky in Louisiana. Vincent Gaddis reported a similar drop thousands of petrels in California in August 1960.

It has recently become more facts appear to support the hypothesis of the existence of heaven predators. An interesting incident occurred December 28, 1958 in Miami (FL) with a retired detective who discovered on the wall of his house a strange object, which, as it is seen, but in contact with him feel nothing. He tried to keep this incomprehensible substance in the bank, but that disappeared after a few hours. What is it — a natural airgel or some form of life?

Crippled aircraft

Perhaps the only publication that covers this is the book by Charles Berlitz's "Dragon's Triangle," which was published in 1989. According to Gardner Military Transport plane took off from the San Diego Naval Air Station in the summer, at noon, in 1939, a few hours gave the signal SOS and fell silent. Surprised station landed the plane, which soon returned to base. When they entered the plane, then horrified: 12 out of 13 people on board were dead, and the second pilot who landed the plane, died in a few minutes. all the bodies on board were covered with slime and some were broken. gun holder, pilots were empty, they were shooting at something not seen since established experts. episode quickly hushed up, and Gardner never heard of it until 1954.

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