China is coming to the new typhoon

China is coming to the new typhoon weather and climate

No sooner had the people of eastern China recover from typhoons and Demri Saola how nature has prepared them to another portion of winds and rains in the form of the 11th tropical storm named Haykui.

Typhoon on its way to the north-central part of the province Zheytszyan. It promulgated the "yellow" code of danger, because, having charging from the warm waters of the East China Sea, the typhoon is much stronger and continues to grow. In addition to eastern China under attack once again be on. Taiwan.
At the moment the system is 360 km north-east of Taipei and moving to the west-south-west at a speed of 5.5 km / h The maximum wind speed in a typhoon 126 km / h, gusts reaching 136 km / h Most of the precipitation will fall 8.7 in August 2012 to the south of Shanghai, where two days earlier declared a "blue" code of danger. From region evacuated 200,000 people.
Since Haykui already brought squally winds on the coast Zheytszyana, all residents, especially fishermen, is not recommended by the sea and is preparing to abundant rainfall approaching 700 mm.
Authorities try to make every effort, this time to avoid casualties. Indeed, during the typhoon Demri killed 9 people, 4 more are still reported missing. Total affected over 2 million people, many of them are still without electricity, roads leading to their village, destroyed and washed away, there is a shortage of drinking water. Left homeless more than 110,000 Chinese.
Apart Haykui 1050 km on. Wake is another tropical storm 13W. it is rapidly moving to the north-northwest at a speed of 13 km / h

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