China needs a technological breakthrough to build a nuclear aircraft carrier

China needs a technological breakthrough to build a nuclear aircraft carrier
China has sufficient capacity to build nuclear aircraft carrier, but lacks many of the major technologies first nuclear writes now
The U.S. is more developed state for the design and construction of nuclear aircraft carriers. This country has developed three types of ships of this class — «Enterprise», «Nimitz» and «Ford».
«Enterprise» is the world’s first nuclear aircraft carrier entered the fleet in 1961. Ship resettled eight nuclear reactors and can carry up to 90 aircraft, the crew of 5,800. 51 years of operation the ship participated in the blockade of Cuba, directed seven times for the role in the Vietnam War, during the cool war was an active participant events. The aircraft carrier was removed from the Navy in December 2012 and sent to dismantling.
Carriers class «Nimitz» are the second generation of American AVMA (on Russian zabugornoy systematization, «multipurpose nuclear aircraft carrier» — a comment. «VP») and the current time are naikrupneyshim warships in the world, built 10 units. Head «Nimitz» was founded in 1968, admitted to the fleet in 1975, construction of the last series of the ship «George. Bush «started in 2003, joined the Navy in 2009. The crew of the aircraft carrier 5,600, capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft and helicopters.
«Gerald Ford» is the third generation of U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers, scheduled to join the fleet in 2015 to 2058 is planned to build 10 ships of this type. Ship resettled with 2 powerful water-cooled reactors, the crew of 4500 people, is able to carry, very little, 75 aircraft.
10 class aircraft carriers «Nimitz» have a total displacement of nearly one million tonnes, which has become synonymous with a massive navy. Second state to build nuclear aircraft carrier, is France.
Aircraft carrier «Charles de Gaulle» began to build in 1987, in 2000 the ship was more advanced flight deck, which housed AWACS aircraft «Hawkeye». The entire project has been spent 80 billion francs, which is almost 6 times higher than the original estimate. These costs have become a big «black hole» of the military budget of France.
Yet, an aircraft carrier with a displacement of 40 tons does not fully satisfy the requirements of the French Navy. In the country there was no proof for the construction of an aircraft carrier sheer size and tonnage used in the ship two nuclear reactors K-15 (they are equipped French SSBN — by Russian zabugornoy systematization «nuclear submarine ballistic missiles» — approx. «VP») have the power to shaft just only 76,200 hp, which allows the vehicle to develop the highest speed of 25 knots. This is the most slow aircraft carrier in the world, built after the second world war, besides it happen frequent breakage. French as they say, if the «Charles de Gaulle» out to sea, expect when he up to this time will be secured in the harbor.
Compared with France, China has bolshennymi build docks. In 2007 there were three large shipbuilding and ship repair center — Shanghai (Changxing), Qingdao (Heihe Bay) and Guangzhou (Lontszyu). Currently, China has eight docks, where it can be construction of ships with a displacement of more than 300 thousand tons by 2015 their number may approach 40. To build nuclear aircraft carrier may be involved in the new dock and Dalian Changxing (length of the last 365 m, width 82 m, depth 14.1, there is one 800-ton gantry crane). In the U.S. aircraft carriers are being built at the shipyard dock with a length of 488 m, a width of 76.2 m, to match the length of the dock at the shipyard in Brest, where built «Charles de Gaulle», is only 270 m
But to build nuclear aircraft carrier is not enough to huge manufacturing space. First, China needs to master the creation of high-power nuclear reactors, nuclear power units available for the submarines are not suitable for equipping aircraft carrier. For example, an aircraft carrier «Nimitz» resettled with 2 strong reactors to 130 thousand hp (Total capacity of 260 thousand hp). China has no such technology.
In addition, China lags behind developed countries nuclear technology for the production of highly enriched uranium fuel rods of nuclear reactors, also in the field of advanced materials used in nuclear power. You also need to achieve the highest level of nuclear safety. If a tragedy happens on the nuclear aircraft carrier, will suffer great harm to marine ecology and placed under risk life crew several thousand people.
So makarom not enough to simply increase the number of huge shipyards need a breakthrough in the field of critical technologies, stresses created by the article.

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