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All people eventually grow old and faced with the challenge of menopause.

By about age 50, metabolism slows down production of sex hormones (for women — women and men, respectively, for men) decreases, cell renewal slows down, there are diseases and problems that youth are rare or do not occur at all.

Most suffer from symptoms of menopause the fair sex. Poor health, "tides", sweating, pressure drops, heart palpitations — this condition may last for quite a long time. Constant lack of female sex hormones contributes to the development of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, urinary incontinence, genital prolapse etc.

In men, hormonal changes (andropause) occurs later and more gradually than in women. For the most part, they do not feel physical discomfort, and few feel the pressure drops, tachycardia, occasional dizziness, sweating. The lack of male hormones can lead to serious diseases (BPH, prostate cancer, etc.), so you need to undergo regular examinations by andrology, endocrinology, and other professionals.

And the men and women in this situation, experts can offer to resort to hormone replacement therapy, which will help solve many of the problems associated with menopause and avoid concomitant disease.

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