Cocktails: mix, but do not drink

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Regarding the origin of cocktails, there are many different legends, however, we can safely say that the habit of mix in a glass a few drinks, decorating and giving the result obtained as an attractive appearance, a native of America. Now Russia has formed a fashion for cocktails, and the popularity of them is somewhere very close to the peak.


From the point of view of those who make cocktails and drinks — all wonderful. Stylish surroundings, special glasses, shakers, blenders, bartender, juggling all these like a real magician, and, of course, the result itself — multicolored and multi-layered drink in a chilled glass, garnished slice of lime or a cocktail cherry, with the indispensable straw. Beautiful and delicious. And, really tasty. Experts select the ingredients of cocktails so that the "hard" drinks, such as vodka or rum, pilis with ease, relaxed thick liqueur or cream. Plus, the obligatory ice, which cools mixture. And we all know that cold vodka "is" much better warm.

However, this ease of lies and deceit basic cocktails. Having started their try at a party, it is very difficult to stop. Experienced "zastolschikam" is also known that different types of alcohol each other better not get in the way, to avoid a heavy hangover in the morning. Somehow this knowledge in cocktails do not apply, although there are mixed and three and four alcoholic ingredient. And if you are not limited to one glass (and who it is limited), there is a chance to get on the morning of the most severe headache and other unpleasant problems.


In the alcohol industry so called low-alcohol cocktails, put up in bottles or cans. In the West, is also used abbreviation RTD — Ready To Drink (ready to drink). Most often it is sweetened beverages with an alcohol content of 4 to 7 percent. Domestic products are mostly packed in aluminum half-liter cans, so Russia has strengthened the term "canned cocktails."

From classic cocktails they are different for almost everyone. No jewelry, no entourage, no layering of accommodation in an elegant glass or expensive high-quality components. Banal mixture of alcohol, water, flavorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers, sweeteners and other food chemistry. Moreover, in such concentrations that resuscitation is considered drunk on an empty stomach can of this cocktail by the shortest route to necrotizing pancreatitis.

But recruiters are alcohol-dependent in the future army of canned cocktails are lovely. Among young people this kind of alcoholic beverage is extremely popular, especially in Australia, the UK and the U.S.. The governments of these countries are forced to seek economic and social levers settlement that would allow at least somehow reduce consumption RTD-cocktails youth.

Hell of a mixture of

Another option "cocktail" — is mixture "Energy" and spirits. Perhaps this is the most dangerous combination.

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Scientists from the Federal University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), conducted a series of experiments withmale volunteers, found that the components of the "Energy" creates a false sense of a person — he feels that he is more sober than it actually is.

This effect is explained stimulant substances that make up the drinks — caffeine, taurine, vitamins, etc. Additionally, caffeine facilitates penetration of ethanol through the blood-brain barrier into the brain. The man who took mixture "Energy" and alcohol feels a surge of strength, the ability to move a long time without rest, but in fact the degree of intoxication does not permit such activity.

Such an inadequate assessment of their capabilities, the researchers emphasize, carries a risk for the individual and for others. Similar results were also obtained by British and American scientists.

'll Be a kid

"Sort out" cocktails is much easier than tequila or wine. All those classic cocktails drink through a straw, and it means that the intense absorption is already in the oral cavity. Remember the famous student experience with drinking a bottle of vodka thimbles. The average person enough 8-10 thimbles to get drunk "in the trash." Also, rarely shakes snack meat or fish, and therefore of thegastrointestinal tract intake of alcohol in the blood is very fast.

So cocktails cocktails, and measure still need to know. By the way, about to find out what part of your life is alcohol, by using special questionnaires. They also exist inonline embodiments, for example, the translation very popular Drinkers Checkupplaced on a special page of the site

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