CombatBoat 90 in Russian. Patrol boat «Raptor»

CombatBoat 90 in Russian. Patrol boat
August 15 JSC «Leningrad shipyard» Pella «» (Otradnoe, Leningrad region) launched the cutter head of the project 03160 «Raptor». The boat was built by the Navy of the Russian Federation and in the current time is on trial. Checking all systems will take a few weeks — the transfer of customer launches scheduled for September this year.

Fast patrol boat project 03160 «Raptor» is designed to perform multiple tasks. Regardless of need it can carry more than 20 persons, including weapons and equipment; on duty in the area; intercept and detain light boats; also make a search and rescue operation. Boat project «Raptor» can operate in coastal waters, straits and estuaries. Equipment allows them to set tasks at any time of the day at the distance of 100 miles from the base.

Launched at JSC «Leningrad shipyard» Pella » head built for the Russian Navy High-boat project 03160 («Raptor»). Welcome, 15.08.2013 (c) of «Leningrad shipyard» Pella «

Head boat project has the greatest length of about 17 meters, width — about 4 meters. The power plant with total capacity of 2000 horsepower allows «Raptor» to accelerate to 50 knots. His crew boats — two people. In addition, there is a room with seating for 22 people — assault, doctors, etc., regardless of the current tasks.

Outside, a new boat built in the factory «Pella» very very reminiscent Swedish multipurpose boat project Strb 90H (also known under the title CombatBoat 90 or CB90), which we were not so long ago wrote. The reason for this is ordinary really — according to available data, the project was developed on the basis of 03160 Swedish Strb 90H/CB90 with the participation of Dockstavarvet, created unique and building the boat. So Makarov, Russian «Raptor» is practically a licensed version of the Swedish boat, replenish the list of numerous alternatives, modifications and versions unusual Strb 90H.

Based on the «origin» of the Project 03160, you can draw the appropriate conclusions about his abilities. Boats family Strb 90H/CB90 intensively exploited naval forces and the security forces of Sweden, Norway, United States, Greece and other countries. In all these countries the Swedish boats used to patrol waters landing landings and perform search and rescue operations. Judging from the mean cerebral Russian «Raptor», he will also do these tasks. In favor of the preservation of states bow ramp landing and the almost complete absence of any severe configurations design boats.

As can be seen from the materials available, boat project 03160, as well as their Swedish «precursors» in the bow ramp and have a passage for landing troops on saves. Immediately after the passage is cutting jobs with 2-crew members. For deckhouse located troop compartment with places for transported group. When planting through the bow ramp Marines pass through the wheelhouse. Also may pick through the top and rear troop compartment hatches.

CombatBoat 90 in Russian. Patrol boat

Built for the Russian Navy at JSC «Leningrad shipyard» Pella » High head boat project 03160 («Raptor») before launching. Welcome, 15.08.2013 (c) of «Leningrad shipyard» Pella «

Pictured brain «Raptor» is not any weapons. Yet, experience and destination zabugorny boats they say that it is installed in the future. Clear its composition is still unknown, but one can imagine that boat project 03160 will be installed guns of different models, including mnogokalibernye. As pointed zabugornye practice on similar boats can be placed almost at least some right arms, right up to guided missiles (Norway conducted with experience installing missiles Hellfire, but these works have remained at the stage of test firings).

Specific appointment of a new boat and the division in which he will serve, now is not disclosed. But of camouflage applied to it were made appropriate conclusions. Similar coloring with relevant «chopped» colored spots get speedy project 12150A «Mongoose», created for the purpose of special forces of the Navy. So Makar, launches «Raptor» in the not to distant future can go specifically to serve in such units.

The fact that the Russian company «Pella» has made a new boat for the Russian fleet based on a Swedish design, looks pretty interesting. Earlier Our homeland and Sweden were not engaged in a joint development or construction of military equipment, including for the fleet. At the same time, head-boat project 03160 is not the first light multipurpose ship family Strb 90H/CB90, entered service in our country. From 2004 to 2012 the Federal Security Service has bought 11 boats type IC16MII, built by the Swedish company Dockstavarvet. IC16MII boats represent a reworked version of combat Strb 90H/CB90, created for use by the security forces and civilians organizations.

So Makarov, Russian navy to take advantage of the most recent operating time zabugornyh best shipbuilders in the construction of multi-purpose light boats. Russian shipbuilding workers, in turn, have access to the technological part of the project zabugornogo. In the next few years on the basis of the project can be created 03160 new multi-purpose boat, having a highest and best properties in comparison with the «Raptor» abilities. In the meantime, the Navy will receive a certain number of boats built in the framework of international cooperation.

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