Comfortable contraception

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It is wonderful when you can safely say that all our plans made, and revitalizing it does not diminish, on the contrary they become larger. Great ideas are born, work and life bring enormous pleasure. And inspiration is drawn in the family, with its peace and tranquility. Of course, this stability, and seeks to preserve the way of life for a long time.

I really appreciate their independence and autonomy, but for all that want to remain fragile, sexy and desirable for a husband. Keeping the romance and spontaneity of moments of intimacy. And, of course, I do not want to worry about a few days delay and disrupt the rhythm of life with unnecessary problems associated with the use of untested and are not always effective drugs. Meanwhile, the most obvious question of protection can make a dissonance in the intimate life.I know families in which coolness and tensions of married life there because of uncertainty about contraception. When not sure of the way of protection, in the vicinity of "dangerous days" try to avoid coming up with excuses. So proximity is postponed one once, then again. All this is reflected not only in the relationship between husband and wife, but also on the family climate in general.

When we had children, I realized how much I mean to my family. They give me the strength and desire to boldly look forward, to work, to carry out his plan. And to preserve that stability that I have, I decided to find an effective and long-lasting method of contraception. Together with the doctor we decided that the best option for our couples is to install an intrauterine hormonal system.Comfortable contraception

Once in a conversation with my friends, we touched on the subject of contraception. It turned out that each of us has used a different method. And for each, he was the best. But after listening to them, I even more convinced of the correctness of his choice. Why?

Here, for example, condom. It is used by a friend and very happy with its simplicity and reliability. But to me, with my individual features, it delivers discomfort. The same goes for vaginal ring, which is used by other couple. I have during ovulation strongly increases the sensitivity and the presence of the ring would cause discomfort with intimacy. Although undeniably effective and convenient method. Oral contraceptives — Select another pair — just not for me because of the mode of reception. I have a busy pace of life and just do not want to keep in mind the extra information, and remember that each evening should take pills. In addition, I have always had a very painful and profuse menstruation.

Intrauterine hormonal system release into the uterine cavity hormone which effect on the endometrium, which may lead to the fact that periods become less abundant and almost painless.

The system is set for a period of 5 years, but if you want to get pregnant again, it can be easily removed, and the ability to conceive in the same month will be restored, because ovarian function is not affected and does not suppress ovulation. Incidentally, in the absence of contraindications to the use of the system is enabled and nursing mothers, and women after 35 years, when some oral contraceptive use is undesirable.

All these I told her friends, but they still have a lot of questions that I probably will not be able to respond adequately. It is better to refer to specialists.

Comfortable contraceptionThen we are talking about efficiency. How to test it? Who are the statistics? One friend told me that there is a index Pearl. It shows the efficiency ratio contraceptive. Research is carried out simply enough: a pair of offers throughout the year to use only one method of contraception. If among a hundred women using one the same method, 6 pregnant within a year, then this method of Pearl Index is equal to 6. Of course, the lower the number, the better. Clearly, it is impossible to predict the individual characteristics of each pair, and the error is taking place. In addition, the figure sometimes double — min shows the effectiveness of the contraceptive when used properly, and the second — the number of pregnancies occurred if used incorrectly. The second digit is always much higher. We decided to compare the Pearl Index for our ways of protection. According to statistics from the smallest index — 0.1 — in intrauterine hormonal system, at combined oral contraceptives andvaginal ring — 0.3 -8. In Condom — 2-15, and at such a popular method of protection, as coitus interruptus, Pearl Index reaches 4-18. So everyone decides that he needs.

Departing from the meeting, I realized how important all the same in life is to choose its own path and follow it, keeping all that in this way one gains.

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