Comfortable solution nail fungus

Universal computerization and automation, the world changed beyond recognition capabilities of virtual communication and the availability of private vehicles, almost deprived us of the exercise. Still young and energetic, intelligent and successful, we are rapidly losing the physical form. And the beauty industry is dictated by the fashion of the perfect body. What to do, how to stay in the mainstream of modern society and meet not only internally but also externally the requirements of a healthy lifestyle? Many find the answer to this question in the sports hall, fitness club, swimming pool or spa. Classes help to get there, not only the missing physical activity, but also to remove the psychological stress and achieve peace of mind.

However, returning home from a fitness club or swimming pool, you can take with them not only the optimism and joy of muscle tone, but invisible to the human eye "infiltrators", it is really threatening our health. We are talking about mushrooms, first of all it is a dermatophyte (Trichophyton, Microsporum, Epidermophyton), much less — yeasts (Candida, Malassezia, Cryptococcus), Mold (Alternaria, Hendersonula, Scopulariopsis)etc.

Upon contact with the tissues of organisms nail penetrate deep inside, where there are favorable conditions for their growth and reproduction. Parasitizing on nails fungus depriving them of nutrients. As a result, the nails are changing their structure and color are beginning to crumble.

To become infected, do not necessarily have direct contact with a sick person fungal infection. This insidious pathogen can get in contact with objects and surfaces which touch the patient. Sources of infection can become the floor in the shower gym slippers that you have given out in the pool instead of its own, forgotten at home, or a nail file, which you kindly friend suggested to align the edge of the nail.

And here's the result. You look at your affected nails and sadly ponder the fact that in the near future, you will not see your favorite sports club, the pool will have to forget, however, as a planned trip to the sea. Because patients with nails that still does not take any pleasure, in addition, can infect people around them. And in front of a long treatment, which will change the traditional way of life. And soon the summer … Is there such a tool, which, if not speed up the healing process, then at least make it more comfortable.

Chill fungus treatment, indeed, is of great importance. It is long, but it necessarily need to be finalized. If you do not, then the problem will come back again and again. In addition, a person is not cured with a fungus, even if his nails look normal, is a source of infection for the people around him, first of all family members.

Enhance feeling treatment, and therefore the likelihood that it would be completed only after the complete destruction of the fungus can nail Lotseril. When applying it penetrates the nail plate and the nail then lozhe.Deystvuyuschim Lotseril agent amorolfine is that blocks the activity of enzymes of fungal cells and gives the structure of its cell wall. Amorolfin effective against dermatophytes, yeasts, molds, dimorphic fungi and actinomycetes. That is, the spectrum of its actions are so broad that it allows you to eliminate all kinds of micro-organisms that cause nail fungus. The recommended dose of amorolfine in the nail polish after a single application of Loceryl persists for 7-10 days. Therefore varnish one can be applied once a week.

Thus, antifungal therapy Lotserilom — a new level of efficiency and comfort. Loceryl Nail also be used for prevention, rather handle them nails a day before the visit of "dangerous" places to forget about the risk of infection.

One more question, the answer to which selection depends Lotseril varnish as an antifungal agent. What is the cost of treatment and how much will have to pay a premium for comfort? Do not be surprised — not just any overpayments, but also, and perhaps even some savings. Let's count. Traditional drugs in the form of an ointment, cream or liquid recommended to apply 1 or 2 times a day, correlate the number one treatment for the affected nails with the volume of the tube and you will realize that they are not long enough. A nail as it needed to cover the nail plate 3? It disproportionately less. Is not it? As a result, buying a more expensive compared to most ointments packaging varnish, you save, because the cost of a six-month course of treatment with varnish Lotseril is 256 rubles a month (if you hit the nail * 3). In addition, together with a varnish to set package includes disposable nail files, sticks and swabs soaked with alcohol.

Lotseril — right hand man in the destruction of the fungus to maintain the health of nails:

  • enters nail and effectively destroys fungus
  • used 1 time per week
  • for prophylaxis
  • has the low prices the


* The average retail price of nail polish Lotseril 2.5 ml is taken from the IMSHealth for November 2012.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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