Computer eye syndrome

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It used to be that the vision deteriorates, if a lot of watching TV and reading in the dark and a moving vehicle. Now added another harmful factor — the computer.

In 1998, the U.S. was American doctors coined a new term — Computer eye syndrome (Somputer Vision Syndrome, CVS). CVS — specific visual disturbances (asthenopia) in people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. It is believed that this syndrome occurs daily in 40% of the people working on the computer, and occasionally — in 92% of users.


Experts have counted five major causes of harmful computer to the eye.

  • First, the so-called pixel structure of the image. On a computer screen image is not supplied as continuous lines and in the form of microscopic points. And eye to such figures overreacting.
  • Secondly, feedforward constant irritant to eyes glow of the screen. Reflected light, which we usually see in a lit room, for eye more natural. When the rays of light from the computer hit in the eye, they are harmful to the brain, because of fatigue — that brain fatigue.
  • Third, monitors often have low contrast which our eyes do not like. Because of Her eyes are strained and tired quickly.
  • Fourth, our vision is affected and the vertical sweep.
  • Fifth, impair vision glare on the monitor. They appear as a reflection of other luminous objects.

Negative influence improperly selected distance from the eyes to the screen, bad colors. In addition, the eyes get tired more quickly when you have to constantly move the eyes from the screen to the keyboard or a sheet of paper.

Doctors have been looking for evidence that the computer damages the eye, but did not find anything. Neither cataracts or glaucoma, it does not matter. The only change that can occur — will develop or intensify myopia.

What's going on?

All the symptoms of CVS can be roughly divided into two groups. The first "visual" is associated with deterioration of view, the second "eye" — with unpleasant sensations in the eyes.

"Spotting" signs:

  • vision deteriorated;
  • slowed refocusing from near and far objects on the back (disturbance of accommodation);
  • double vision;
  • appeared fatigue when reading;
  • there visual effect Mc Kalaha. If we translate the look from the screen to black or white thing, he "painted" in a color that dominated the screen.

"Eye" features: 

  • burning sensation in the eyes;
  • "Sand" under the eyelids;
  • pain in the eye sockets and forehead;
  • pain when moving eyes;
  • redness of the eyes.

Most regular PC users start complaining about health in 4 hours and almost everything — after 6 hours of behind the screen. Less stress onvision has read the information from the display, most — its input. And the most severe fatigue caused by work interactively and computer graphics.

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