Conflict of personality


There are people whose company is fraught with conflicts for most of those who had a chance encounter with them. But at the same time, there are a variety of ways to overcome the problems encountered in dealing with such people.

The most obvious of "difficult people" are rough, sharp, openly aggressive people. To select the appropriate method for handling it is important to understand the causes of their behavior.

Barker, "tank" goes ahead, paying no attention to what comes along the way. He often can not hear what you say. The best thing to do — is to avoid meeting him. If this is not possible, then we must prepare for this meeting, and especially emotionally. It is important to pre-set limits beyond which you will not go, despite all the pressure. During the call, keep restraint. It is useful to listen to him and to draw attention to themselves. Once attention You will remember that this is not a long time and hurry to say what you need. Speak briefly and clearly. Aim for early completion of a call. But even at the end of the conversation will not let emotions.

There is a type "Snapper-shouter" which immediately raises his voice when angry, scared or upset. It is important not to go to his style of conversation, and show understanding and sympathy, though it is not easy.

"The usual loudmouth" just do not know how to solve their problems except by going to cry at the first opportunity. In fact, it is quite safe as it is quite helpless. Knowing who you are dealing with, you can not ignore his manners and quietly move to the goal.

Less aggressive, but quite unnerving type — "Nerdy" which constantly interrupts, diminishes the value of what you have said and otherwise sticks out his superiority and competence. Since it is better not to argue, and strongly interested in his opinion and use it to experts.

"Pessimist" can also create a lot of difficulties. Pessimists should be given time to think. Or beat him in a negative outlook: it will make your ally pessimist.

One of the most difficult types of work — "Passive-aggressive". He does not mind and does not resist openly, but trying to achieve their goals at the expense of others. His hostility manifested in something, but it is difficult to expose. For example, he can do the job only half carelessly break time. But it will always find a logical explanation, "I do not know", "I forgot," "I'm a madman." If possible, do not mess with people like that, or at least do not count on them in the performance of tasks. If you are forced to deal with a passive-aggressive in until it accurately recorded what was required of him. Ideally, if you save a copy of his commitment to yourself to at the right moment to be able to show it. Very it's important control yourself, do not claim in advance to such a person is not programmed for failure to work.

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