Conjunctivitis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Conjunctivitis: diagnosis and treatment.  Photo from

The diagnosis of "conjunctivitis" is set ophthalmologist after examining the patient. In order to identify the most likely cause of it, the doctor will ask the patient about the medical history and conditions.

Sometimes additional analyzes of discharge from the eye to determine the causative agent. In some cases, you may also need to consult other specialists (urologist, gynecologist, an allergist).

In the mild form, the most serious problem is not a disease itself, and its easy propagation. Strict hygiene will reduce the risk of transition to the second eye infection and contamination of surrounding people.Hygienevery simple:

  • Use only your own towel and pillowcase;
  • Wash your hands regularly, especially if you touch eye;
  • If possible, do not go to public places, to school, to work;
  • Avoid public pools and do not wash chlorinated tap water, chlorine will aggravate your condition.

First aid for conjunctivitis:

  • Bury at the inner edge of the lower eyelid PA1-2 drops of 20% solution albutsida or 0.3% solution of chloramphenicol every 3 hours.
  • For the prevention and cure can drip into a healthy eye, but it is desirable to do another pipette to make sure we do not carry infection.
  • Do not put a bandage on the eye!
  • When photophobia wearing sun glasses.

Depending on the form of conjunctivitis doctor will prescribe treatment.

Acute bacterial conjunctivitis treated with frequent (at least 4 times a day) instillation of drops (sulfacetamide 30%, chloramphenicol 0.25%) and laying the ointment (tetracycline 1%). Before burying desirable to wash the eyes disinfectant (chamomile, tea brew).

In bacterial conjunctivitis ofeye may pus. In this case, the eyelids stick together and it's hard to open your eyes. To soften the hardened adhesive is best to rinse with warm infusion of chamomile. To do this, pour two teaspoons of chamomile 1/4 cup boiling water. Cover and allow to stand for 5 minutes, strain.

AtViral conjunctivitisdesignate instillinginterferon and the antiviral ointment, such as florenal, tebrofen, bonafton, oksolina, Zovirax or viroleks.

At allergic conjunctivitis appointed allergy medications. Additionally, you can use cold compresses and artificial tear drops.

With proper and timely treatment of acute conjunctivitis extends beyond4-5 days, chronic — for4-5 weeks. Do not let the disease take its course, even in the mild form of it. Launched conjunctivitis, especially in infants, may lead to severe complications and eyesight.

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