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French journalist Michel Morel-Sow and Joel Mesnar talked about one of the rare cases of a meeting with the aliens in France.

Now Cesar Locatelli 73 years. In his youth he worked as a logger, then bought a small truck and began to earn a living by providing transportation services to people. Was he also a lot of experience in the field of beekeeping, and due to this hobby at the end of June 1986, he experienced his amazing adventure.

Early in the morning, around 04:00, M. Locatelli went to the coastal woods, where the day before found a swarm of wild bees, which set out to "tame". And take a swarm and move it to the apiary can be only in the early morning, when the bees are asleep. Cesar got behind the wheel of his truck and drove to the site of the upcoming "silent hunting" on the road connecting Iley (Ilay) and Mentro (Menetrux). Where the road makes a sharp bend, he moved to the side and sent the car into the woods. Well-versed in this area Cesar drove deep into the forest between sparsely growing trees three meters and stopped the car near the tree where a swarm has found its temporary home. But then he decided to approach closer and moved forward, rounding the island of dense bushes.

What he saw these forests, caused him to stop immediately.

Future path was blocked is located right in front, just a few feet from him, a bizarre transparent object, brightly lit in blue-green. The object looked like a huge children's toy-top, with a diameter of about 8-9 meters and consisted of separate sections connected to each other opaque seams, the lines of which resembled a network of parallels and meridians on maps depicting the Earth as a single flattened hemisphere.

Strange building tilted to the right, since it relied on the left side of a large boulder, and his right hand was on the ground. Inside the facility Cesar counted six beings rise 1.5-1.6 meters. They wore wide and long white robes — whether cloaks, or gowns, head and face concealed deep hoods pulled down over his forehead. This garment is very similar to a monastic "uniform." Leaning forward, the creatures were standing around something, like a table. The appearance of the car with Cesar stunned at the wheel, apparently, did not make any impression on them, none of them turned heads in his direction, even though he was somehow convinced that they were aware of his presence.

Fairly quickly the jitters Cesar decided to leave off, but at this point the engine stalled car. After a few seconds the silence was a sharp sound like the buzz of a high-voltage power line wires. Cesar turned the key in the ignition, and the engine starts. Unfolding, Cesar looked to where stood, slightly banked, strange transparent structure. At this point, one of the creatures moved away to the side and was bending over something, who was apparently on the floor. Had escaped from under the hood long, curly blond hair. But Cesar did not consider the strange blonde, and, adding gas, raced to get away from the place of an unexpected meeting.

But curiosity still took its toll and in the same morning, around 9:00 am an amateur beekeeper decided to get back to the transparent object, but it was not there. Only trampled grass at the side of the boulder testified that he had recently been here.

In subsequent years, Cesar Locatelli was often about the very boulder and stared at it for a long time. And notice what the first did not pay attention. The boulder stood out among the other big rocks encountered in the forest, its light color, it was actually white. And unlike a few boulders about the same size, is nearby and abundantly covered with moss, it was perfectly clean, moss did not grow even on its northern side. Cesar dropped in to the boulder and autumn of 1990, in September or October. A month later when he again pulled up to the place it was found that the stone was … gone. Where he has always been, there is not the slightest trace, even the grass was trampled. Cesar did not find any signs that might lead one to believe how this has disappeared "stone", weighed no less than 2.5 tons!

During a conversation with journalists Cesar Locatelli told them of the incident since his early childhood. Around 1926 a lumberjack Italian descent named Felipe, who lived in the Combe de Morbo (Combe de Morbier) told me that once saw in the sky "green glass bowl with people inside it, which was flying over the tops of the fir trees near Morbi." Later, the story told Felipe and little Cesar.

Likely to know the details of this case from the very Felipe will not succeed, because it certainly is not alive — in fact in 1918 he already had a son the same age as Cesar Locatelli.

According to the article: Michael Morel-Seythaux, Joel Mesnard. «Bylem 2 metry od statku!» (Wl «Swiat UFO», N 6, March 2003) prepared by Vadim Ilin — for «UFO Navigator."

Russian UFO Digest 68 / December 2004

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