Contour Correction: all about the beauty shots

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More recently, the only way to preserve youth and beauty was plastic surgery. Today, a host of high-tech methods that allow you to achieve the desired result without cuts, scars and long recovery period. The most popular of these procedures — contouring.

According to experts, the term "contouring" is not quite correct, as is the whole plastic surgery is to create a new path or restoration of existing, take, for example, nose reshaping, breast augmentation or a facelift. And the fact that we are accustomed to thinking of "contouring" — the notorious "beauty shots" — actually plastic injection contour, which, in fact, should be called mikroimplantatsiey. During the procedure, the skin by injecting a special filler is introduced to align the damaged circuit (for example, to remove deep wrinkles) and to give the missing amount of tissue (for example, to increase the lips).

For injection contouring uses several types of gels. Let us dwell on their characteristics:

1. Formulations based on collagen

The most famous representative of this group — Collost, it contains bovine collagen. Previously, all of these gels is obtained from animal tissues, and only recently began to use fat after liposuction. Collagen preparations are ideal for wrinkle correction, lip augmentation and volume replacement tissues lost to age.

Injection is valid — 6-8 months, during which time preparation completely absorbed and excreted from the body. Someone may confuse the fragility of the result, but it has its advantages. First, over time, standards of beauty change. Maybe in a year full lips go out of style? What, then, do those who through contouring overtook Angelina Jolie? And as is always the choice to prick again, and leave it as it was before. Secondly, even when the effect of the gel is over, the skin will be much better than before the procedure. The fact that the product gives rise to the formation of collagen, i.e. triggers the rejuvenation.

Doctor of the highest category, leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov: "The use of drugs based on collagen has the feature: as the alien is introduced into the body tissue before injection (two weeks), it is necessary to carry out Test sample to identify drug tolerance. "

2. Formulations with hyaluronic acid

They are either derived from material of animal origin or artificially synthesized. These drugs include: Restylane (restylane), Perlane (perlaine) and others. They differ in viscosity. Less viscous used to derive the contour more viscous — for imparting volume, in particular to fill wrinkles around the lips and the eyes, nose and forehead.

Duration of the injection 6-10 months. The first time they are repeated everysix months or a year, then at least — as needed. Before the procedure Test sample need not be searched.

With hyaluronic acid preparations have a higher hydrophilicity than the collagen, i.e. better create volume. And also how to stimulate collagen rejuvenation.

3. Combination products

It is composed of two components: hyaluronic acid, and the so-called biodegradable fillers — dextran (microspheres). There are many complex products, but the most common today are Matridur (matridur), matridekc (matridex), and Matrigel (matrigel).

These gels are more effective than the two previous retain shape and volume created because the maximum draw fluid itself.

Duration of the injection of 24 months. And when the filler leaves, 30-50% Of the effect remains.

Leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov: "The use of combination therapies requires the utmost accuracy and literacy. If the wrinkle to make a little more substance than you need in place to deepen the bulge may appear. And not sexy lips will turn puffy and swollen unnaturally. Furthermore, the combined drugs difficult to place the tissue. If the arrangement of the collagen and hyaluronic filler can be adjusted immediately after the injection of a massage, then combined this will not work — you need to do everything at once "fair copy".


PAGE was initially a byproduct in the manufacture of silicone, and for contouring its injection have been widely used in the middle 1990s. However, it soon became clear that as a filler it is not necessary, because eventually broken down, tends to flow — moving under the skin in accordance with the work groups of muscles and the action of gravity, and gives serious complications even after many years. Recovery operations after the introduction of these synthetic gels is extremely difficult and traumatic.

On these drugs is better to know in theory. To use them is not something that is not recommended, and just dangerous.

Leading plastic surgeon Scandinavian Medical Center, Alexander A. Markelov: "Now in the rejuvenation of a new trend: the injection contouring rarely used by itself. Usually it is used in combination with other methods of aesthetic care: Botox, mesotherapy, peels or dermabrasion — which at times improves the outcome. "

However, contouring is not limited to injection gels. In cases where a person has severe contour defects and to restore missing tissue (after injuries or complex transactions), other methods are used.


The idea is that certain areas of the body fat taken and injected via syringe where a tissue defect. It would seem that the method is captivating. But, unfortunately, the results do not always meet expectations. Autozhir (various sources) gradually dissolves completely, and in the best case — by 50%. And at the injection site can begin fibrotic process, that is scarring.

Incidentally, not only resolves fat, but also other tissues (including bone), which are used to eliminate contouring defects. Up to six months seems to be the result holds, and then there is resorption — and comes back. This problem plastic surgery associated with transfer own tissues.

Biological preparations for the replacement of bulk defects

These include the western and domestic alloderm alloplant. Accordingly, the first — more expensive, the second — cheaper.

Their main advantage — the body does not notice the foreign tissue, so the immune system does not react to it. Of course, these drugs are gradually absorbed (within 15-25 years), but at the same time is a substitution of foreign tissue on his own for a given frame. That is, after the closure of the defect is almost 100% of the desired result is obtained. The contour is restored once and for all, which is particularly important when it comes to the really serious lack of tissue, which spoils the look, and even threatens the health of the patient.

In cosmetology alloplant alloderm and may be used instead of silicone implants for chin augmentation, or jaw, and as yarns for facelift.

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