Copenhagen has become the world ekostolitsey

Copenhagen has become the world's interesting ekostolitsey

The capital of Denmark won the prize "Green Capital Evropy'2014" at the ceremony in Spain in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz Vitoria-Gastayz who was the previous holder of the prize. Is the title of the city brought advances in eco-innovation and sustainable development, its contribution to the development and promotion of ways to "green" economy in Europe and beyond, as well as an exceptionally promising communication strategies.

Statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
The founder of the award is the European Union, which celebrates the cities where the most pleasant to live and work, and to be a guest in the first place for reasons of ecology. Given the fact that three-quarters of Europe's population are citizens, many drawn to the competition participants. But this time it was all over Copenhagen, which has the best model of «Green Business», green development.

The city administration is actively working with companies, universities and organizations involved in eco-innovation and sustainable development. An example is the project "North Harbour", offering a wide range of eco-planning decisions and the internal design that can be implemented in the life of cities of all sizes.
In terms of transport in Copenhagen is head and shoulders above other European capitals, as the city is well prepared to move on the bike. By 2015, 50% plan to persuade residents to ensure that travel to work or school by bicycle. But today's statistics is good: so do 35% of Danes, helping urban transport by 2025 reach zero CO2 emissions. According to the surveys themselves kopengagentsy gladly show environmental initiative and will gladly participate in such projects.
Besides Copenhagen became finalists Bristol and Frankfurt, surprised the jury for their contribution to clean air and reduction of noise pollution, large green areas, profitable strategies for energy savings in buildings and disposal of garbage in the city, the question of reducing the negative impact of construction of airports on the quality of life of citizens.
All the contestants are tested on 12 points — climate change, transport, planting and management of land use, biodiversity, air quality, water, noise protection, established waste disposal, consumption of resources, eco-innovation and sustainable development programs. Previously received the award in Stockholm, Gamurg, Vitoria-Gashtayz and Nantes. But good people of the city, the prize increases its attractiveness as a place of leisure tourism.

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