Cosmetics for men, or how to please a woman



Most men start their morning with a shave. Those who prefer a wet shaver shaving (By the way, the classic "Schick" in modern versions can beat many speed records), win: his skin after a day does not leave a feeling of freshness. Yetshaving — The eternal male problem, and the daily stress for the skin. Remove it to ensure comfort during this procedure is not too pleasant enable foam or shaving gel, softening the skin and stubborn stubble. Especially delicate ones, which include special additives (oil shea butter, healing mineral water springs). They note, be sure to have marked "for sensitive skin."

So after getting rid of "prickly hedgehog" is not redness, cracks and peeling of the skin, it should be liberally rub lotion or after-shave balm. Included are extracts of medicinal plants, natural oils and vitamins (E, B5) soften, tone the skin, soothe irritation, have antiseptic and healing effect.

Daily care

It male skin, which often can not tolerate soap, needs nothing less than the female. To avoid dryness and irritation, it is necessary to use special means of mitigating additives and components which do not react with any impurities contained in the water, and does not clog pores. It is very important to choose the right cream for skin care in the morning and evening. Normal and combination shows a moisturizer with vitamins, dry and sensitive is right for a bold with a variety of herbal extracts.

How to look imposing and spotless — 4 components of success!

  1. Of course, television.
  2. Great addition to a shower — a special gel with a special water softening formula that not only protects the skin from moisture loss, but also increases its capacity for natural samouvlazhneniyu.
  3. Deodorant: ball bearing, solid stick, flavored gel. Ideally, such a tool has an active protection for 24 hours.
  4. Gel hair which help without the hassle of a day to keep in order any haircut. The main thing that it was not more than a hair. Men sometimes leaves a sense of proportion. Meanwhile, for short hair enough to put a drop of gel on your hair and gently without touching the skin, comb them.

Masculine scent

Truly considered masculine smells of lavender and vetiver. But today, in a fashion fragrance. What's going to sound like a perfume, which intended for him, but, no doubt, will please both the woman? Sexually attractive tart notes of wood, moss, leaves and grass, unripe fruits (green apple), unblown colors (white rose buds), and the bitterness of hot spices (nutmeg, pepper), fresh tone of birch. In the field of cosmetics for men women unquestioned authority. And therefore become a good counselor husband, friend, lover of all that relates to personal care and beauty.


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