Cyprus — is Atlantis?




American researcher Robert Sarmast (Robert Sarmast), the founder of the idea of Cypriot origin of Atlantis, will visit the island next week. The program of visit: meeting with the government of the island, a few lectures, but most importantly — find the right equipment and the vessel to conduct a full-scale expedition.
In his book, "The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus", which became a best seller on version in Cyprus, Sarmast indicates the existence of a link between Cyprus and the legendary civilization that traces the well in the ancient texts of Plato in his dialogues with the philosophers of ancient Greece Timaisom and Kritiusom.

The American scientist calls to lay down the description of Plato to the research pool of the Eastern Mediterranean between Cyprus and Syria, which took place in 1980, and is today the most detailed topography of the sea topography.
And by reviewing, go in search of Antladntidy.
"We're going to take a wonderful adventure that is designed, I believe, to shake the world," — said Sarmast optimistic.

Paul Druzin based on Cyprus Mail

Pic: here are the temples of the city and Dreams of a tireless researcher in the area of Cyprus


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