DARPA to build the first set of anti ACTUV

DARPA to build the first set of anti ACTUV

Details of the new DARPA project slightly brightened by placing video concept Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). DARPA spendest 58 million U.S. dollars to acquire and build SAIC 1st Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vehicle (ACTUV), which will identify and track down the enemy submarines, reports zitata.org.

Interesting to note that unlike some unmanned aerial vehicles, which are not so little strolls negative disk imaging in the near future, ACTUV will be very useful. He will be able to detect and hunt down enemy submarines and neutralize the danger posed by these boats. ACTUV will work independently and will need to control a man only when he will have to leave or enter the busy port. As expected, the unmanned vehicle will operate at sea for 60-90 days before the return to port to refuel.

Navigation will be carried out with the composition of artificial intelligence. Put on board sensors, which will include electrooptics, far and near radar and laser radar acts. Set of underwater sensors provide distant detection of submarines and reduce the possibility of incorrect responses. How ACTUV closer to its goal, he uses a pair of high-frequency active sonar. At close range, he will be able to find the brand of the submarine, taking acoustic image with very highest frequency of review.

All these data will be processed using the logical system of artificial intelligence to identify the intentions of the submarine. For example, to avoid detection, the submarine will use surface movement. Knowing this, ACTUV will look for vessels, both above and below the water immediately, using all this his positional awareness and seamlessly correcting own itinerary. But if he makes a mistake, then the operator, who looks for his work, just be able to make the necessary corrections.

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