Death Valley




In the thirties, a group of collective farmers surpassed herd from Bratsk to lie in wait, which is not far from the Angara. At the next check missed two cows. Two teams of mushers, after loading a gun, went in search of animals. After some time the alarm was heard barking dogs escaped ahead. Having moved in the direction that their drivers out on a clean round the clearing, with a diameter of about 100 meters, completely devoid of vegetation. Dogs already ran out on the black ground, frightened tails between their legs, turned back. At a distance of 15-20 meters from the last tree on the bare, as if scorched earth were bodies of the missing animals, and a little further — a few dead birds. Mayoral, an experienced hunter, stopped abruptly:

— Wait, can not go on! This — "damn cemetery." Stepping on the bare ground — death!

Glade really evoke horror on the bare ground, except okolevshih cow carcasses were seen taiga animals, or simply piles of bones. And hanging over the clearing tree branches were charred, as from the close of a fire. Dogs also have visited the meadow just a minute, stopped eating, became lethargic and will soon have died. Hunter said that the clearing often killed stroll there in the stretch pets. Their bodies pulled hooks on the ropes. And the flesh of dead cows in unnatural scarlet, and there can not be. Residents call this place "the clearing of death," "Devil's Cemetery" and has long been going to surround it with a solid fence, but somehow not the hands do not reach, not that people are afraid to be there for a long time.

From the date of publication of this story, in 1983, in the journal "Technology — Youth" dozens, if not hundreds of amateur expeditions to various parts of the country went in search of the "devil cemetery", bringing a new victim. According to estimates of the Far Eastern researchers of anomalous phenomena that are themselves looking for this clearing, over the years during her quest killed at least a few dozen people, including the entire group. But not in a clearing, and not accustomed to the untrained citizens harsh conditions of the Siberian taiga. Many are attracted to this place because the 400 kilometers to the north is the epicenter of the Tunguska explosion. In those places, the Yakut taiga, near Vilyuisk is another similar place — "Lake of Death" Kahynaydaah. Above it hung the dark waters of the dark cliffs. On the banks piled up fallen trees, piles of coal slag and fired clay. The ancestors of the present Yakut this lake had a bad name. On its shores are often found dead deer, dogs and other animals, but some of the hunters, who have come back, lay the bones. According to local legend, one day a fisherman came to the lake and threw the network. But the favor with evil spirits, and the bubbling boil black water, there was a hell of a roar, and flew up to the sky blue tongues of fire. The fisherman was frightened and ran away, and when all was quiet, he returned and pulled a seine, and it is full of cooked fish!

In our time, geologists working in this place, and found that there was a lake on the site of the giant underground fire. Several thousand years ago, at a depth of 50 meters of self-igniting coal deposits, coal is burned off, the soil settled and formed a pit filled with groundwater. In the hollows under the lake accumulated gas, mainly carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. When this underground gas storage facilities underground fire crept up the flame, the gas caught fire, and the resulting water vapor caused huge explosions. The blast wave brought down trees, throwing out from the bottom of caked clay. And long raged "evil underground spirit" of the lake, throwing columns of fire and steam. Eye-catching as the cracks carbon monoxide accumulates in the basin of the lake, surrounded by cliffs and kill every living thing gets there.

Another "valley of death" is on the Kamchatka Peninsula, in dangerous proximity to the known geological and tourist sites Kronotsk reserve — Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon. Land, where they find dead animals, lies in the upper reaches of the Hot Spring at the foot of the volcano Kikhpinych and takes about 2 kilometers long and 200-300 meters wide. There is almost no vegetation, the slopes of the valley are covered with perennial snow fields. Earlier studies of Kamchatka "valley of death" scientists dismissed: Well, what's the big deal? Near volcanoes and geysers, most likely animals and birds were poisoned gases — carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, especially in the valley marked exits brimstone. However, most of the dead animals and birds found in small depressions (50 to 100 meters), of which there is free access on a channel of inflow to the valley of geysers. How to explain the death of large animals — bears and deer — in the places from which they were free to go? Moreover, the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are slow and only in high concentrations. Moreover, there have been cases where bears have eaten died in the "valley of death" animals immediately killed themselves. Employees of the Institute of Volcanology N. Podkletnov and G. Karpov npoveli study gas emissions in the "valley of death" and found volatile compounds containing hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride. It is very toxic and fast-acting substances that cause paralysis of the respiratory center, and … death. Apparently, the same factor applies in the area of "devil's cemetery" on the Cove.

Zodiac 3 (384) 21 January 2004

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