Defense Ministry plans to build aircraft carriers

In the United Shipbuilding Company by the Ministry of Defence was ordered to develop preliminary design of a promising carrier. "Interfax" reports that it was declared Anatoly Serdyukov, the head of the Defense Ministry RF. But he noted that the state program of armaments RF for 2011-2020. finance the construction of these ships is not provided. "By 2020 funds to do so, and there are no plans," — said the head of the Defense Ministry.

Before the end of 2012, a preliminary design of aircraft carrier to be used. "Industry and precisely USC has to show us. If all of us will triple and it will be shown that one aircraft carrier and escorts will hold some potential, which we do not currently have and which impossible to achieve by other ships, the option of building it can not be excluded, "- explained Serdyukov.

In the middle of October Trocenko Roman, president of the USC announced the formation of a promising form of technical aircraft carrier, and in 2017 a final decision on the construction of these ships. Trocenko in late June announced that in 2018 in RF will construction aircraft carrier displacement of 80 tons, which will be completed after 5 years. Sergei Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister RF and Serdyukov denied these words.

At the Navy at the present time is the one severe aircraft carrier cruiser "Russian Admiral Kuznetsov". According to the project 1143.5 "Merlin," "Admiral Kuznetsov" was built in 1985. In 1991, the ship was introduced in the Northern Fleet. Air group craft consists of the Ka-27 (12 pcs.) And deck-based fighters Su-33 (33 pcs.) The modernization of aircraft carrier will begin in 2012 is scheduled for the end of their 2017

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