Defense plans for the following year

December-month — it's time to bring the past to the plans for the next year and talk about their own intentions. Specifically, it is currently engaged in the ministry of defense. As it turns out, the plans for the next war year more than significant and unique for the last few years. Later in 2013 will be made even more than that, but first things first.

On Wednesday, accomplished press conference with Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. One of the most pleasant news delivered at the event, it is doubly exciting for the reason that for the very last time. According to him, the remaining to the end of 2012 in the days of operation of the Navy will go nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". Coupled with the submarine on armament apprehend and missile R-30 "Bulava", but the latter all the following year will be enrolled in trial operation. As to the second missile submarine of Project 955 — boats "Alexander Nevsky" — its municipal tests have been completed, but final acceptance will take place exclusively in the coming year. Perhaps the same is true for the boat "Ash".

Submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" conducted a successful launch of the rocket "Bulava"

Do not let us down aircraft manufacturers. During the last few years, the air force measured received all ordered equipment, and sometimes even had time industry beat the target for deliveries. For 2012-the ending year aircraft factory passed to the customer in the face of the Ministry of Defense 127 helicopters and 32 aircraft. Another eight winged machines will be taken into operation in the coming days are perhaps even before Christmas Happy holiday. Similar successes this year have shown producers of nuclear weapons and their means of delivery: Strategic Rocket Forces, strategic submarine fleet and air force were almost 100% of the ordered quantity of new weapons and equipment. In total, for the purchase of modern equipment and weapons in a suitable at the end of the year spent more than 900 billion rubles, which exceeds the performance of previous years.

Municipal defense order (SDO) for 2013 year is still huge amounts. In the future, the need to re-leave 1.3 trillion rubles, which is almost one and a half times more than that. Already in full swing advice and signing of contracts for the supply of various products. The Ministry of Defence expects to complete the hiring of all positions of state defense order for the following year by the middle of April to the month. So Makarov, in the case of some nasty events in the military and industry remains quite time to resolve differences, signing and execution of contracts. So frisky signing of all contracts justified a common premise: about 2-thirds of the costs of defense contracts for the following year falls on the agreements signed previously and are a continuation or termination of funding or another big contract. First, these "long-term" costs associated with the construction of equipment for the Navy. In the middle of similar agreements have a number of concluded this year.

As part of the 2013 state defense order will continue cooperation with zabugornom partners. For example, in Russia as in the past will gather armored "Lynx" Italian design (Iveco LMV). Recently also sign several additional treaties to simplify certain technological and logistical aspects of the joint venture. In addition, in the first months of next year, the Defense Ministry will hold a comparative tests, which will investigate the ability of the Italian-Russian "Lynx" Russian "Tiger-M" and "Wolf". At the current time, the Ministry of Defense plans to shift assembly of armored cars "Lynx" from Voronezh in Naberezhnye Chelny, the plant KAMAZ.

Talking about the international program notes, Deputy Defense touched nedavneshnih rumors about French amphibious assault ship "Mistral". As planned earlier, the first two ships of 4 will be commissioned in 2014 and 2015. Two other such ships will be built later. Borisov explained by the fact that at first useful to check amphibious assault ships in service, and find out how they fit into our military strategy. First months and years of use of 2-"Mistral" posodeystvuyut determine the need to order another 2-ships of the same project. If the command of the Navy determines that such ships are required, the construction of the third and fourth "Mistral" at Russian plants will begin in the 2015-16 years.

From the words of Borisov became clear that in the Ministry of Defence in the current time creates brand new structure. Center unmanned programs will help coordinate the actions of military and industry in the creation of new unmanned systems, first-class aircraft itself. The center is created at the suggestion of the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu expressed by the middle of December. Brand-new organization will report to the General Staff. The main purpose of the creation of the Center for unmanned programs is the creation of its own unmanned systems and their integration into the structure of the armed forces. Borisov said that the Russian defense industry is fully capable of producing promising modern drones that rivals zabugornom developments. The activities that defense companies in collaboration with the Center will allow to make the required number of models of unmanned aerial vehicles of various models and change them in the army already purchased abroad. Exciting way, Borisov commented success of Israeli designers. According to him, the IAI just collected all the very best produce of foreign countries, and based on them has made their own line of designs. According to the deputy minister, nothing prevents our designers to follow that path and reach the leading position in the world.

The Ministry of Defence, engaged in new areas of technology, and not forgets about the small gun. So, in the future, the units of the Russian army will receive a sniper systems SCD / VSSK "Exhaust", consisting of mnogokalibernoy rifles, sighting equipment, and a new special patron 12.7 x 54 mm SP-130. Also in the coming year may be entered into the first contract for the supply of sniper rifles Orsis T-5000. On a more long-term period — 2014 year — Military plans to start procurement of new modifications of SVD. Also, after a year and a half, manufacturers will supply the complex VSS sniper rifles and mnogokalibernyh KAFP. Coupled with the new DMR since 2014 will receive a new electro-optical sighting systems created for the new high-precision small tools.

As we see, the gradual increase in funding, procurement of new weapons and military equipment is good for the Russian armed forces. The military has been called, got a taste and uniformly increase the quality and quantity of orders. New supplies last, are regular contracts and taken into operation just assembled equipment. With all this time to a true municipal re-programm looks quite interesting. For 2013 year planned and a half times the huge waste in comparison with 2012. With all of this even with the yearly funding of 1.3-1.5 trillion rubles in 2020 to fail to achieve this strip in 19 trillion. According to preliminary calculations, plans to carry cash in the period from the fourteenth to the twentieth year should be a year to allocate more than 1.9-2 trillion rubles. As shown countless discuss funding of the state program, our country will be able to pay so fundamental project. So Makarov, in the following years the volume of purchased weapons and equipment will be constantly gr

The consistent and sustained increase in purchases of equipment for the armed forces will allow, in the end, to get rid of the sad consequences of the economic problems of the 90s. The purpose of the state program re-calculated to 2020, is to increase the bit of new weapons and equipment to 70% of the total amount. With all of this in a number of arms of the figure and will have huge implications, right up to 90-95 percent. Current plans for the next 2013 are part of the general measures to implement the upgrade weapons and military equipment. Judging by the increase in funding and, as a result, the pace of purchases in recent years in the future to continue this trend and state program will be executed.

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