Disposition cottage or suburban home

On the not so long ago you received a plot you want to build suburban house (cottage, country house). Of course, most people once there is the question: "Where do I start?"

So, first, it should be noted that any haste completely out of place here, because you have to first assess your resources and effort. And only then you can start building for previously completed projects considered suburban mansions.

Okinte common eye own site. Visually imagine a future home and if you have such an opportunity — make a sketch of it. Catching the finished project plan suburban house, you should not only refer to the spice for advice, and reflect on the future of comfort facilities. Typical projects — it's not a panacea, because entirely possible that your home be unusual. Here, the main thing that it suits you.

It should be emphasized that ready project suburban house must comply with the composition of your family's preferences, currency capabilities. And really, what's the point to construct a three-storey residential building, if you are a bachelor and living alone? Well, maybe it is worth making for the sake of pathos, not on another.

If you wish to entrust the job to experts, in which case it will be necessary to get acquainted with the prices. Because the design of homes prices are quite different, you should take your time and try to turn up the company that employs its own staff an experienced professional architect. He, of course, should have higher architectural education, great experience, and to the same — to work on applicable rates. The approximate cost of the project at home (typical) in the spectrum varies from 25 to 45 thousand rubles. Of course, it should be recognized that the unique cottage house plans, on which the drawing is often spent more than one week of careful labor spices, will own prices higher in a couple of times (from 50 thousand to 200 thousand rubles).

As you may have figured out far not always the most experienced designer — it's expensive spice. Often it also happens that the cost of the project at home is fully applicable. In this case, I am confident in the reputation of the master, then make their own choices: to work with that person or not.

Project suburban home or cottage, in any case, must own the building expressive composition. The house, built in harmony with it, will be multi-functional and comfortable accommodation.

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