Drought in Argentina threatens new crop

Drought in Argentina threatens new crop of Weather and Climate

Dry spring and summer are not a surprise to the South American country, for the past three years, Argentine crops suffered permanent lack of moisture. However, the situation in the current year is recognized as the most disastrous in the past 15 years.

In 2012, the drought brought by weather phenomenon La Niña, are particularly affected fields with grain and soy. A similar problem and came to Venezuela, where, as in Argentina, La Niña dominated since 2010.
According to forecasts, the production of soybeans in Argentina will fall to 42.9 million tonnes, compared to the previously expected 52-53 million. Some experts believe even more impressive numbers (40,9-40,5 million tons), which has a negative impact on the economy as a whole. If the drought is delayed even for a short time, the crop may lose some more tons.
In addition to reducing the yield is decreasing the number of arable fields. With dry weather and lack of moisture is growing substantial losses early planted soybean crops critical for Buenos Atsyresa, Cordoba, Entre Rios and Chaco. Complicating the situation of local farmers rather high tax and imperfect system of irrigation, and non-competitive prices in the world market.

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