During the NEP and our days are

Looking through the pages of history of the Russian Federation from 1991 to modern times and our Russian of in the 1920s, namely the so-called period The latest Economic Policy (NEP), we can note a lot of similarities. NEP period preceded the First World War, which was attended by the major powers of the world, after the Revolution, the destruction of the Russian Empire and civilians war. Period in the history of modern Russian Federation, preceded by a period of "cold war", some authors refer to it as the Third World War, and this is acceptable, the effects of "cool war" were the same as after the world "hot" war. In the "cold war" was also attended by the major powers of the planet, were military-political blocs. It ended the collapse of the Red Empire, a large-scale civilian war was avoided, but there was a mass scale regional conflict — Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Chechnya, Tajikistan, massacre in Osh, etc.. These wounds to this day get any new conflicts.

The main similarity

The loss of territories:
-Our Soviet motherland lost — Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Western Belarus, western Ukraine, Bessarabia, Russia was left without the Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine, Crimea, Moldova, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

The loss of population:
-direct and indirect loss of a large, but then our home was still farming state, with the highest birth rate, and the Russian Federation is an urban, industrial state, because the fall in population lasts to this day.

During the NEP and todayUndermining the economic well-being of the population:
-USSR completely surpassed pre-war levels of Russian empire solely in the course of industrialization. Russia so far not eclipsed the average standard of living in the USSR in the USSR, and on a number of characteristics of the situation is only getting worse. Shops in the NEP were full of food, food, but expensive, difficult to reach the bulk of the people. In Russia, it was the same, the shelves are full of shopping centers on the products, most of them non-Russian production, the worse properties than in the Soviet Union, but still very cheap cost.
In the 1920s, businessmen from the United States and some other states simply "get rich" at the expense of Russia. When Armand Hammer, reporters asked how to become a billionaire, the latter replied jestingly, that was true: "You just have to wait for the revolution in Russia." And in the present time, the West, and of a number of states of the East, such as China, fabulously profited at the expense of the Russian Federation, received supplies of Russian gold, strategic reserves of rare metals, uranium, taken 10's of thousands of "brains", the gene pool of civilization, gained new gallakticheskie , military and other technologies. In the 1920s, Americans received a concession to the current time, foreign companies have full access to all natural resources, buy up the land, get to lease forest.

The undermining of the cultural heritage of the country:
In the 1920s destroyed the Russian culture and Russian history: the "classical" culture supersede all sorts of ugly degenerative "modernity." Crossed out the names of Alexander Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, Alexander Nevsky, Alexander Suvorov, the names of Russian princes, kings, generals. Historical science "cleaned out", replacing the majestic past filthy innuendo. The words "Fatherland" and "patriotism" have become almost abusive, strikethrough continuity with the Russian Empire. Dominated russophobia, Commissar of Education Anatoly Lunacharsky in 1918 put the following tasks: "The teaching of history in the direction of the creation of national pride, a sense of the state, etc. should be discarded, the teaching of history, thirsting in the past to find examples of different standards to follow, should be discarded . " Krupskaya was under the control of the campaign to seize and destroy "wrong" books, and Sergei Yesenin, who ecstatically welcomed the revolution, but remained loyal to the Russian sources, blamed "Great Russian chauvinism."
In the Russian Federation, in principle, this practice was repeated, "Socialist Realism" changed the various avant-garde and postmodern, where degenerates renders the city .. nom "pictures", and people give out these "creation" of a work of art, a "breakthrough." Russophobia become common practice, shut down hundreds, thousands of libraries, destroying large amounts of literature, almost brought the anti-Russian censorship — a list of "extremist literature". Various Fursenko, Shvidkoy Filippova destroy the inheritance of the Red Empire. There is a "de-Stalinization" under the guise of the Soviet Union it was converted to the "red monster", as in 1920 years of history of the country until 1917 was "cursed the tsarist government."

Undermining the historical consciousness of people of the Russian Federation:
In the 1920s, dropped a single field of Eastern Christianity, somehow defending the people's consciousness, and the "emptiness" filled the various Protestant sects, brand new "Soviet" ritual, the new foreign prazdnichkom type 1 May (day of evil, Walpurgis Night), new names ( guillotine, revolution, etc.), new idols in the face of Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc.
In the 1990s, brand new revolution of consciousness: the advent of sectarianism, foreign philosophies, Satanism, new prazdnichkom — such as day or Valentine's Day, Halloween. At the current time, the Russian people have such a "mess" in their heads that "hell would break a leg" of the unity in general can be forgotten. However, there is a cult that will connect almost everyone, and the orphans, and the wealthy — the cult of the "golden calf".

Undermining the moral and the moral state of the people of the Russian Federation:
In the 1920s, the crumbling morale, Dobronravov people, the institution of the family. Implement the spirit Kollontay that sexual intercourse should be seen as a "glass of water", he says, satisfied the thirsty and went on. Abortion was legalized, Cancelled "dry law" — it was introduced during the First World War. However, in 1920 the peoples of the Russian Federation did not take this stuff, it has remained the lot of "La Boheme."
In modern Russia sexy, moral revolution gained a landslide victory in the country's hundreds of thousands of prostitutes, a big increase venzabolevany, gays are already conducting its own parades through the city … "Feast or Famine" of any kind of scam, speculators and corrupt officials in the abject poverty of the majority of the people. Joyful Life "golden youth" children "elite." Naturally, not all, but many.

In the end, the question arose: "And for that fight?". The bulk of the usual communist fighter, farmers, workers and remained in ragged uniforms and boots. And around the "feasting" nepmen — "new Russian" since then. Then power could return to the right path of development — to build socialism, which normally lived most of the people, and not just the "chosen ones." Then the "patriots", "statists" united around Stalin and returned superpower.

And in the Russian Federation to the majority of the people is the question: "What gave us democracy? '. The right to freely die, watching "Feast of Life" oliga
rchs "scum" in the form of a bohemian?

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