Dust from air pollution in Asia, the U.S. and Canada

Dust from air pollution in Asia, the U.S. and Canada Facts

According to studies, about half of the aerosol particles in the North America and Canada brought from outside the continent. An interesting fact is that the vast amount of dust comes from natural sources, not from burning fossil fuels.

Because air pollution fine powders may increase because of the dry climate, drought and desertification caused by climate change, the efforts of one of the affected country or even continent to reduce pollution, may be insufficient. To address this global problem requires joint efforts by many states.
Brought from outside the particles absorb solar radiation, thereby altering the formation of clouds and precipitation regime, as well as accelerate the melting of the snow on the mountains of the eastern United States. Thus, the dust appears as a result of natural processes and industrial dust can equally negative impact on climate change on the planet.
The researchers emphasize that it is important to extend the study of the migration of dust and the effects of such movements on the environment and climate. So far it is known that the dust brought into the atmosphere of North America from Asia, the ability to move on and have a negative impact on other parts of the world.

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