Earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Earthquake in Bosnia and Herzegovina Natural Disasters

July 28 residents of the Balkan republic witnessed the earthquake of 4.6 points, which occurred around midnight, one kilometer to the east of the city of Zenica, 18 km north-west of Cocoa. The epicenter was about 2 km in depth and had the coordinates of 44,194 ° N; 17,896 ° E. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake originated some deeper — at a depth of 5.2 km.

The main impetus for 30 minutes followed by another episode force 4.2 points. Further sensors geologists noted two more mini-earthquakes with M3, 5 and M3, 3. According to official figures, the earthquake brought no serious damage, but some of the buildings within the epicenter was a crack in the walls and foundation. Some did not survive the shake roofs and crumbling. Human victims also do not, despite the fact that the district is home to about 140,000 balkantsev.
Immediately after the shock all the citizens living in Zenica, rushed into the streets to avoid injury in crack houses. As the depth of thrust was small, it felt almost all over the country, especially in the cities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Gorazhdue. Residents of neighboring Serbia and Croatia also confirmed the earthquake.

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