Earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands

Earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands Natural Disasters

December 11 at 7:54:55 local time at the South Sandwich Islands recorded a 6.2 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter at 104 km north-west of. High and 354 km north-north-west of. Bristol. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the depth of 115.5 km. According to the EMCS (Society for Electro Magnetic Compatibility) 6.1 earthquake intensity and the depth of 128 km. Victims among the people there, because the island is home to a bird.

Satellite map of the earthquake epicenter

The South Sandwich Islands — a group of sub-Antarctic volcanically active islands that make up the island ridge volcanoes. The ridge is composed of a small volcano tectonic plates education between South America and Antarctica Scotia. South American plate bends under the slab of the South Sandwich Islands, resulting in its mountains, facing the Earth's mantle, hot. Lighter substance rise through the plate Sandwich Islands, forming on them basaltic volcanoes.

Mount Hodson is on about. High, 56 km to the east. Leskov, and 47 kilometers southeast of Fr. Factory default settings. The volcano rises to 1005 meters above sea level, which explains its name. The last time the volcano was smoking in 1830 and 1930.

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