Earthquake-record holder in New Zealand actually happened

Earthquake-record holder in New Zealand had happened Natural Disasters

The recent earthquake in the Bay South Taranaki, New Zealand, as predicted by seismologists, was the most powerful earthquake in the last 119 years in the region. Propulsion was equal to seven points, the depth of the epicenter was 230 km, 60 km south-west of Opunake. It is best experienced on the west coast of the North Island and on the line of the Bay of Plenty to Canterbury.

Fortunately, which lasted about 15 seconds, the earthquake did not cause a tsunami, but it caused panic among the population of Wellington and other cities. Many residents of high-rise buildings in a hurry to leave their homes. If push had less depth, as occurred in September 2010 in Darfilde, destruction and other fatal consequences could not be avoided. After 9 minutes, was recorded a second boost of 6.4 points
In the Bay Taranaki earthquakes kind occurred in the past, usually as often as every three years. Since the May 2005 earthquake had a depth of 150 km and by 6.4 points. Record, comparable to the current episode was 7.2 points, and treated in 1893. Typically, major fluctuations in the surface occurred and are occurring east of the epicenter, that is, off the coast of the South Island, in Wellington or Palmerston North, and felt more strongly than they should have, as subduction fault is located right on the spot.

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