Effect Biefeld — Brown and UFOs!




The first experiments with "electrogravitics" refer to the beginning of the 20-ies of XX century. It was then that the young and in the future, the talented American physicist and inventor Thomas Townsend Brown discovered the uncompensated force kotoroya has slipped "up Kulindzha" (hot cathode-ray tube with a thin tungsten filament) in the direction of the positively charged electrode.
Experiments confirmed the loss or gain of a charged capacitor, depending on the polarity of the capacitor plates.
Further, this effect is called "effect Biefeld-Brown." His first experiments with flying "saucers" are 1952/53 year.
Interesting, but T.Braun was directly related to the so-called "The Philadelphia Experiment", working in the U.S. defense industry.
In our Center "UFOlats", by experts electronics, studies of this interesting "anti-gravity" of the experiment, but in a slightly modified form.
For those who want to see an experiment, I suggest to download a ten video demonstrating experience. Compact maximum, with an acceptable quality. Enjoy and share your thoughts. There's no catch in filming there. All filmed as actually happened.
Weight 23.15 MB video file WMV. You can do it here: http://www.z11.lv/necton/lab/modules/mydownloads/visit.php?lid=43
And here's another clip (8 MB): http://www.metaldetector.lv/xfield/xfield.mpg
Noticing that today and there is no scientific explanation for this effect. There have been attempts to explain the lift of the "ionic wind". Brown himself was trying to explain their results, based on the Unified Field Theory. He firmly believed in the existence of a visual effect connection between gravity and electricity.

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