EU introduces new regulations for disposal of electronic waste

EU introduces new regulations for disposal of electronic waste Facts

August 13 in the European Union, it was announced that no one owned the electronic and electrical waste necessarily will be a special system for processing. This is done in order to collect recyclable materials from precious and rare metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc.

According to the directive issued by 2016 the percentage of the collection of e-waste is expected to reach 45-and by 2019, 65%. All countries within the European Union, delivered up to 14 February next year, to which they must synchronize their internal programs related to recycling of this type of waste, the new Directive. Thus, while economic profit is reached, the environment will get a huge advantage, and natural resources are preserved through the development of innovative technologies.
Will open new channels of collecting e-waste, and to improve and optimize existing ones. Such enforcement of measures associated with the processing of electronic waste, also due to the growth of his illegal collection, processing and sale of recyclable materials received. Since the e-waste it becomes every more, timely legal action on its utilization will benefit both the state and the citizens living in it, not to mention the nature.

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