European air cleaner Asian?

European air cleaner Asian? It is interesting

Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, accumulating in the troposphere, is considered one of the most dangerous air pollutants. As shown by satellite observations, which began in 1995, the skies over Europe and North America have become much less of a harmful substance than the Middle East and parts of Asia.

Experts explain such a positive effect on developing countries more advanced technologies, such as the use ekotopliva and care about the environment. Developing countries continue to increase their consumption of fossil fuels, clogging the atmosphere and experience the incredible growth of the population.
Hot these findings may seem obvious, environmentalists themselves wondering what the effects of the measures taken to care for the ecology became palpable as quickly. Of course, the satellite monitoring of the lower atmosphere will continue, especially after receiving so encouraging data. Assist in the monitoring, as before, will have a ground unit.

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