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Surgery facelift began to perform at the beginning of the last century: the surgeon E.Hollander (Hollander) since 1901, and the surgeon E. Lexer (E.Lexer) c 1906.

Problem. Reduced skin tone and fine lines

What to do. Ultrasonic exfoliation and hydration in combination with the lifting of the skin.

Operation. The whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. First perform an ultrasonic peeling. Effect: exfoliate surface dead skin cells, the pores are cleared, destroying pathogenic bacteria of the skin. Impact of ultrasonic waves in combination with a special solution allows for all levels of hydration of the skin. Also improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin. Then you make a vacuum massage. The effect of the exposure apparatus: intense lymphatic drainage, stimulation of skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

Contraindications. Pustular skin diseases in the acute stage.

Possible complications. No.

The recovery period. A slight redness lasts for 30-45 minutes after applying moisturizer. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure. For best results it is recommended to pursue a course of 6-8 treatments every year.

Problem. Fine wrinkles, age spots, skin lost its color and elasticity, the remaining scars from acne

What to do. "Mask of Youth" or the mask of the day.

Operation. The whole procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Primarily carried out cleaning and degreasing of the skin, after which the compositions are applied consistently "Mask of Youth". After the procedure, there comes a state of hyperemia (redness intensive). Then the patient can go home. On the third day the patient should be independently apply Vaseline on the face to stimulate exfoliation of the skin. The old skin is removed and the new one looks young and old without defect.

Contraindications. Acute inflammation of the skin at the time of the procedure.

Possible complications. No.

The recovery period. 3 days.

Problem. There were first fine wrinkles. It should not have enough sleep — the face looks tired, bruises under his eyes

What to do. Can be implanted gold thread.

Operation. Best of all "sewn" golden age of 30-35. Under anesthesia, the punctures are made through which the top layer of skin injected strands of 24-karat gold thickness of only 0.1 mm, bound with polyglycolic thread (the thread in two months resolves itself, and the gold is). On the quilting threads person inside and out, mostly along the lines of deep wrinkles, it takes about half an hour and two and a half meters of threads. Point shots adhesive pad for 12-24 hours, then within weeks the shots are processed antiseptic ointments.

It is believed that the first signs of rejuvenation appear in a month and a half, when around each gold threads formed collagen-rich tissue and scarring are flexible — they and "hold" face. Finally scar around the thread is formed only after six months. Surgeons practicing gold thread, promise that the result is stored 8-10 years. However, many doctors believe this procedure ineffective.

Contraindications. Too thin skin, diabetes.

Possible complications. May make small hematoma of the threads that the doctor will pull the syringe through the fresh grout. Besides, if the filaments have entered too close to the skin surface, they can shine, then no foundation for people you do not seem never. However, this is not a complication, but rather defect operation.

The recovery period. During the week, you need to use a special nourishing cream, a week punctures heal.

Problem. Sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines and violation of the outline of the face (and the reasons may be the age and history of injury)

What to do. Lipofiling — the restoration of insufficient tissue at the expense of the patient's own fat.

Operation. Fat is taken from the places it adequate or excessive accumulations (usually the abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and, after special treatment, transplanted to the desired zone by injection. The operation takes about an hour under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Contraindications. Diabetes mellitus, inflammatory processes in the field of fat transplants.

Possible complications. The asymmetry of the face at the wrong introduction of fat.

Vosstanovitelny period. After the surgery is inevitable bruises that disappear within 1-2 weeks.

Problem. Brown spots, uneven skin, wrinkles appear, the skin begins to lose tone

What to do. Mask "Eksoderm."

Operation. Application for the new Russia (beyond the technology has been used for 17 years), the masks "Eksoderm" is optimal when there were clear on the face of signs of aging. The mask is applied to the face on the day. Face pasted over a special adhesive. Then the patch is removed, the person pripudrivayut powdering, causing the skin to actively regenerate. On the eighth day, the mask is removed.

Contraindications. Severe liver diseases, heart, kidney, acute inflammation of the skin at the time of the procedure.

Possible complications. Redness should disappear within 7-8 days. If it lasts longer, the doctor should prescribe you a special rate rehabilitative procedures. The thinner the skin on the face — the greater the risk of complications.

The recovery period. After removing the mask, you can start a new life, but still slightly pink face (it will have to powder). Redness of the skin is kept for 7-8 days. Promise that the anti-aging effect will last 12-15 years.

Problem. Changed slightly oval face, skin tone is reduced, but it has not become loose

What to do. Face-lift (lifting).

Operation. One of the most famous and traditional ways to radically look younger. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision. Then peel the skin at the temples, cheeks, chin and neck. Excess fat (if any) will drain away excess skin is excised. All the action takes 1.5-3 hours, depending on the surgeon's technique. In mild cases do lift the temples and cheeks in the running — and even the neck.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. After the operation, formed a hematoma — usually as a result of high blood pressure (due to increased blood clotting). Looks like a local swelling or bruising. If the hematoma is small, it is drawn by a syringe through the postoperative scar. Large hematomas requiring reoperation.

If during the operation were damaged roots of the hair at the temples or back of the head, the hair in these parts can fall out. However, in the weeks after surgery hair growth is restored.

At the seam formed red keloid scars, which does not dissipate. Your personal susceptibility to keloid scars can not always predict. However, the percentage of these scars negligible.

The recovery period. Two weeks after the operation correctly visible swelling go away, and you can feel free to come to work with a new face, camouflaging scars around the ears fresh tone cream. Complete recovery takes three months. Fit Oval will hold the shape for 8 years, after which the operation can be repeated. However, it is important to understand that with the help of braces do not go away wrinkles,
because everything is aimed at reducing the amount of skin on the face, and not on the rejuvenation of its structure. Not worth much to lose weight, otherwise the skin will droop again, and the effect would disappear. It is believed that lifting without chewing muscles tightening fascia (SMAS) is better not to do it at all: it removes the excess skin, but does not eliminate the cause of sagging facial contours — the loss of muscle tone. If you decide to lift, it is better to do with SMAS.

Problem. Changed slightly oval face, appeared wrinkles

What to do. Plastic superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS).

Operation. By the classical circular pattern suspenders added an important caveat: not only the skin is tightened, but the chewing muscles and fascia. But the effect is much more stable. Sometimes laid so-called "duplikatura" (done crease on the fascia), is possible, and the more radical option — to strengthen the fascia of the masseter muscle, so that the cheek never sag. This is the aerobatics, the surgeon requires remarkable experience and talent.

Contraindications. Same.

Possible complications. The same, however, there is a risk of damage to the facial nerve, and some part of the face is paralyzed — temporarily or permanently. If the surgeon removes too much skin, the face will look to "pull."

The recovery period. After 10-14 days, leaving bruises and swelling — you can go out into the world. The final result — the rejuvenated face ten years — will be received in about three months. Facial wrinkles at the same time remain (on the forehead, bridge of the nose and the corners of the eyes). In women over fifty can remain small wrinkles and the upper lip — in this case, they removed the laser dermabrasion. If you do not want to grow old on, after 10-12 years of operation can be repeated.

Problem. Disproportionate person (for example, a short chin), wide round face

What to do. Simulation face.

Operation. Fashion order his high cheekbones, the surgeon entered the Hollywood starlet — so they get a purebred and photogenic face. After a single puncture of the mucous membranes of the mouth in the cheeks and / or chin syringe injected a drug that cures within days, creating a new face. Preparation itself in the solid state on the structure resembles a bone-cartilage and quite friendly perceived by the body. If a person is more round than I would like, you can combine a drug with mikrolipoaspiratsiey cheeks.

Contraindications. No.

The recovery period. Not required.

Problem. Mesh of wrinkles, scars and bumps

What to do. Laser resurfacing.

Apparatus. Erbium laser, CO2-laser.

Operation. For skin resurfacing lasers used so-called C02 and erbium lasers, as well as various modifications thereof. C02-laser — the apparatus of the old generation. He takes off the deep layers of the skin and good "welds" collagen, whereby the skin is tightened. A person is treated C02-laser 40 minutes, whereby an active evaporation begins and peeling.

Erbium laser is much more gentle and physiologic, it does not burn the top layers of the skin and vaporizes them. The procedure allows to remove a thin layer of the skin (up to 5 microns) to grind deep wrinkles, scars and clean up traces of acne. This laser can be sanded and areas with thin skin (eyelids, for example). The entire process is regulated by a computer program (power, speed and depth of pulses). The skin is not affected by heat, which reduces the rehabilitation period is twice as compared to other lasers. As a result, the skin increases the production of collagen, and not only is the entire top layer is peeled, so more and regenerate the skin itself.

Contraindications. Skin disorders in the acute stage.

Possible complications. On the new skin may be new spots, if the period of recovery to roam the streets without sunscreen (even if the weather is sunny, the rule should be strictly observe at least a month). Also spots may occur if you do not matter to immunity.

The recovery period. After the session you spend a few hours in the clinic, initially treated with ice on the surface, then just under medical supervision. After grinding, CO2-Laser week will have to sit at home or in the clinic, while the top layer of skin peels. Then developed a youthful face — the truth, pink, so the next 6-8 weeks will have to go "in the tone cream." Erbium laser is more gentle: 5-7 days you can go out, causing facial tone. Redness subsides after a month. As a result, almost completely reduced skin turgor (turgor — an indicator of elasticity), are erased fine lines and smooth out deep, lined skin relief. After the erbium laser skin gets sleek look and a fresh color. C02-Laser resurfacing can be repeated after 5-6 years, erbium — a year.

Problem. Changed slightly oval face, skin tone is reduced, there are wrinkles on the skin, bumps or welts

What to do. Face-lift (lifting) and laser resurfacing at the same time.

Operation. First lifting. Under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision. Then exfoliate the skin at the temples, cheeks, chin and neck. Excess fat (if any) will drain away excess skin is excised. If necessary, is the deeper layers of plastic (SMAS). All the action takes 1.5-3 hours depending on the complexity of the operation. In mild cases a lift temples and cheeks in the running — and even the neck. Then the skin of the face (if there is a necessity and neck) is processed by laser about 40 minutes. The entire process is regulated by a computer program (power and pulse frequency). As a result, the skin increases the production of collagen. Wrinkles around the mouth, the nose, on the lower eyelids.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. The same as when lifting and laser resurfacing.

The recovery period. After grinding, laser week will sit at home or in the clinic, while the upper layer of the skin is regenerated. Two weeks after the operation correctly visible swelling go away. Full recovery takes 1.5-2 months.

Problem. Thin lips

What to do. Allaterm procedure.

Operation. The procedure is designed for those who want to augment the lips once and for all. For this purpose the lips injected filler (filler) consisting of a non-absorbable material. Its main ingredient — recycled donated human skin. It is important to understand that the skin is processed so that it is not saved "information" about its previous medium (including its disease). The result obtained by this processing agent is ready to take root, where necessary, and just as it is needed. Filling is introduced into the injection lips.

Contraindications. No.

Possible complications. If the fault of the doctor had put an excessive amount of a substance, the lips become too large — and for all. But even in this case, the problem will only be aesthetic character — the substance is fully take root in the body, eliminating the possibility of inflammation, migration and redness.

The recovery period. 1-3 days.

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