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Everyone wants to believe in miracles. Successful business enterprising fortune tellers and psychics — direct proof. But it was he deprived me of all confidence to the healers, medicine men and others who profit from others' misfortunes. Of course, people with extraordinary abilities exist in reality, but to see them with my own eyes I was hoping for.

ABM Love Yegorovna me at a difficult time told a friend, which is difficult to deny sanity. A strong argument was that the money bayou — or, as she calls herself, "penetrating" — does not take her to bring fruits and sweets, which were immediately migrate to either the children or bags of other visitors. Hence, there is no self-serving motive. After a trip by Taldom, Kvashonki in the village, from a skeptical attitude was gone.

I can not say that miracles began as soon as I crossed the threshold of an ordinary village house: porch, hall, kitchen and two bedrooms. In the hall a crowd of fifteen visitors kids were running around the house, the room was working television. Probably the first time all waiting to see something of such things, and it turns out both pythoness in the "Matrix": clairvoyant — it's just a magnificent woman who inexplicably guess your mind, future actions, and sometimes euphemistically said, because of what the meaning of some her words open later.

Open House
LOVE EGOROVNA worked all her life on the farm tractor driver. A few years ago, when she was washing in the bath, in the Holy Spirit came upon her. She ran out into the street naked, shouting: "I'm going to treat people!" On the next day after it came both insane, but found no signs of madness and left alone. Since coming to her and come from far away to heal, or to ask for advice. Almost everyone who has visited here comes again.

Miracles heard by simply — no conspiracy, coffee grounds or crystal ball. Most often, the visitor does not even have time to ask a question, as has already received a response. One woman came after ten years of unsuccessful infertility treatment. "Baby want? — Love met her question Egorovna. — Well, what happens if you are unmarried. " A week later, the husband and wife were married, and a week later she got pregnant, now heavily pregnant.

A young man — "beer alcoholic" — brought home. As soon as he crossed the threshold, I heard: "More than you will not drink." "Since then, — says the young man — even if I stand on the subway, I feel someone from the beer is, to me is just bad. And as most do not want to drink. " He used to hang out all day with a company such as teenagers, is now going to go to college and get a job, came for advice.

The boy, who was an unsuccessful fight in the school doomed to eternal crutches, Love Egorovna seen in Moscow, and regretted persuaded his mother and grandmother to call her. Mother believed at once, grandmother resisted, suspecting some fraud. A few days later the boy left the house on their feet, crutches lying now Yegorovna Love in the attic.

It does not cure in the ordinary sense of the word does not give drugs, not cooking the mysterious weed does not make passes hands. Her recipe — fasting and prayer. It can answer the question of whether or not a person will recover, but if you ask how to speed up this process, guaranteed to hear the answer: it is necessary to observe the fast, even drink the holy water and sprinkled it. The most "problematic" topics — health, children and personal life, but ask about everything. Where to go to work — a taxi driver or a guard? Selling a house or wait? Have a child now or in a year? Marry a girl or it does not fit?

All visitors are sitting in the same room, no "reception" is not, you can hear who to ask. But it struck me that, despite the deep intimacy of some of the issues morbid curiosity is not noticeable — the people did not listen to them, and actually answers. The decor is reminiscent of the Elder Zosima's cell in "The Brothers Karamazov": one good word to say, another scold, the third answer an unasked question. You are absolutely transparent. Thoughts, feelings, and even those that survived two days ago, or even learn a month later, though lie on her palm. Thought in passing that to the bathroom, but somehow uncomfortable, and she to you, "Well, that suffer, feel free to go."

Kitchen Wonders
Least of all a gift of Love Yegorovna believes her own husband. Over the visitors who come for several years in their home, he chuckles. But neighbors have long ceased to take her for having got intelligence, all now come to be treated. She herself says that the most powerful penetrating into Russia — Vera from the village of Limes Romodanovskii district of Mordovia. Once upon a time, before the acquisition of the gift, she drove to her daughter for treatment, now everyone who comes to it, encourages necessarily see that which, according to her, during the life of the saint recognized.

Vera was born in Leningrad. During the siege she was taken out of the city, and she grew up with his grandmother in Mordovia. The gift she received in 1980, when, and in God is to believe it was not accepted. Vera was scared, "Lord, and I will not make stupid? I'm only five classes graduated "- and heard in response:" Do not worry, you'll be a doctor-Union. " Neighbors shied away from her when she said that Brezhnev is long, and after him by the state to steer Andropov and Chernenko, who, however, quickly go away. Hearing that closed factories, collective farms would not, people twisted his finger to his temple.

What will happen in the next few years, she also said. In Russia, production will rise, people will not ruin oneself by drink. Putin will stay in power for another seven years, but Luzhkov would not last even until the end of the term. The Golden Years of America will be left behind, "dollars will float on the water, they will paste over the toilets." By 2015, the worldwide established orthodoxy.

"I saved the life of Vera many years ago — says her neighbor. — Hemoglobin dropped to 10. "ER" when she arrived, I had lost sight all I hear and see nothing. The doctor then said that I would not survive, and Vera gave me a bowl of sugar before it strengthened. Doctor with a "fast" I did not believe it had eaten at night, the sugar and the morning began to see again and recover. And how many more she is cured! Our thanks to all the guys she stopped drinking. One of the farm foreman brought men to the treatment, and then took her aside and asked for myself, too. Hesitate to subordinates. "

As Vera wean from drinking and smoking, I saw. Wishing there was a lot she held out to each cup of water. "How old are you smoke? Thirty? Drink more. " One after a few sips of plain water queasy, jumped out and refused to return. The explanation given is simple: the devil is holding him tight. Received treatment — save it in yourself.

From doctors sagacious not discouraged. According to Vera Mikhailovna, a doctor and a doctor earth heavenly goal is the same, but the way — different. First heals the body, and the second concerned with the soul, so long as the doctor prescribed medications and procedures, Vera praying (but only for the baptized) and adds: "The most powerful prayer — the child for the parents and the parents for the children."

It remains to say that my questions have been answered, too. Until now all coming true. Conversation with Vera Mikhailovna held two days after my father was taken to hospital with a massive heart attack. When I asked him how he will take and whether it will survive, Vera without a shadow of a doubt waved her hand healed. The next day, doctors noticed improvement in his condition and was transferred from intensive care to a general ward.


AIF Health 5 (493), 2004

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