Fake Moon or fake movie?




"For the first time recognized: first, shots landing of American astronauts on the moon were forged by skilled craftsmen from Hollywood and, secondly, the decision was made about rigging at the highest level (the U.S. President himself), — reads the article in the newspaper" New Petersburg. " — The program "The Dark Side of the Moon» («Dark Side of the Moon»), shown Nov. 16 channel "CBC Newsworld», the widow of Stanley Kubrick told an extraordinary story. According to her, Kubrick in the company of other Hollywood professionals was intended to save the honor and dignity of the United States. President Nixon, inspired by Kubrick's film "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968), the director called for help.

However, at the moment very presence of Americans on the moon is not in question — it is only the replacement of the covers in the pavilion of the frames transmitted from the moon pictures whose quality was too unpresentable. ("The moon was a fake" — "New Petersburg", November 27, 2003 with reference to the CNews and www.cbc.ca / passionateeyesunday).

It is — just one of the many notes on the teeth on nauseam theme. Indeed, in November 2003 on Canadian television showed a film, "The Dark Side of the Moon." In it, many prominent people of the time claimed that the shooting of the moon is actually made in Hollywood pavilions.

However, the filmmakers do not hide it any purpose nor used to achieve it means. It was to "shake up", to entertain the viewer and make him understand: not everything he sees on the screen, you can trust. Therefore, the "interview" it appropriate, either composed of phrases taken out of context, or the image is superimposed another track. A series of "interviews" were simply drawn actors.

However, many viewers took shown at face value. Among the simpletons and correspondents were some Russian online media that published the news under headlines like: "In the U.S., there was a significant event, the value of which is difficult to overestimate. First recognized: shots landing of American astronauts on the moon massively rigged by skilled craftsmen from Hollywood. "

In fact, the event did not occur in the United States and Canada. In the U.S., the film is unlikely to show. And not because of his "revelatory", but because the fake "interview" in it were made without the knowledge and consent of their "members." And get away from all the "interviewed" in this film, agreed to show what they did not say, it is unlikely …

Russian UFO Digest 68 / December 2004

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