Feeding preterm infants

Meals premature babies.  Photo from www.berkyesin.com

Often parents are guided by the rule that aborted baby should eat more to gain weight faster. This is a dangerous misconception. The smaller the child, the less food it needs.

In addition, these children have poorly developed digestive system. Overfeeding, especially in the first weeks of life, can only do harm — so these crumbs for the first month is recommended to weigh before and after each feeding. So you will be able to determine the amount of milk that ate the kid.

In the first two weeks of the daily amount of food for premature infants is calculated by the formula Rommel. According to this formula, the amount of milk (mixture) per 100 g of body weight of the child is 10 plus the number of days of life of the infant (in ml). For example, if the child is on the seventh day of life has a weight of 2000 g, it needs 340 ml milk per day (per 100 g body weight — 10 +7 = 17 ml for 2000 — 17 * 20 = 340 ml).

The amount of milk per feeding is determined by the number of feedings. In our example, if baby powered 8 times a day — a single feeding he should eat 42 mlmilk (340/8 = 42), with 6-course feeding — 56 mlmilk (340/6 = 56). By the end of the second week of daily consumption of milk should be already fifth weight of the child. For example, a two-week baby weighing 2500 g should eat 500 ml of milk per day. Of course, in practice, impossible to be precise to 1 ml. So pour a bottle of 10-15 ml higher, because the child will not be able to eat up every drop.

Mixture for premature

Unfortunately, for various reasons, not all women can breast-feed her child. In this case, the most important thing — to choose a substitute. Aborted child experiences a large (compared to the full-term infant) the need for essential nutrients and, above all, in the protein — the main plastic material to build cells and tissues of the body. Also, the preterm infant is deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in the skeletal system. Accordingly, the children have a high propensity to rickets.

Conventional infant formula for premature babies do not fit. Now on sale there was a huge selection of special adapted formulas intended for "born prematurely." Virtually every large company for the production of baby food manufactures mixture for feeding preterm and LBW infants. Cook this mixture is recommended for children bottled water, the quality and composition of which are checked.

Choosing the mixture, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Appointing power this baby, the doctor always takes into account the individual needs for nutrients, the degree of prematurity, health, development, and especially the hereditary factor. After all, even with the same body weight and prematurity period children can vary greatly due to health and the degree of adaptation to the environment.

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