Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria

Fire and heat invasion in Bulgaria Natural Disasters

Is almost a week fighting the fire brigade of Bulgaria's largest forest fire in the country's history that erupted near the city of Sofia. The fire covered 25 hectares in a remote part of the biosphere reserve Bistrishko-Branishte on the slope of Mount Vitosha, and continues to move in the direction of the capital.

Fire on the slopes of the Vitosha mountain near the capital's suburbs Bystrica.
Height at 2000 meters above sea level, where the burning of the forest, only complicates the process of extinction. This is why involved Flight Engineering. Rescuers had to be creative and to use to extinguish a modified Soviet T-62 tank capacity of 10 tons. Tank brought from a military factory in the north-east.
Just putting out fires attended by over 500 people and three helicopters. Macedonia and Israel have offered help in the form of fire planes. In the fire and preventing panic involved 150 volunteers. According to some reports, the authorities are not seriously going on, despite the fact that the current prime minister, had previously worked firefighter.
In addition, the firefighters do not have enough equipment, but to help other countries refused to accept the official Bulgaria, despite the fact that the fire is almost 50 meters from Bystrica, a suburb of Sofia. Overall, only 5% of the forest fires in the country without proper degree of control until a large scale.
Rather, fires provoked hot and dry weather, established in 12 regions of Bulgaria. There due to severe weather conditions declared a "yellow" code of danger. The air temperature in the country is held at +35 .. +37 ° C. All residents encouraged to drink more fluids. Handing out free water at the national stadium, in the Palace of Culture and the square in the center of Sofia.

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