Fire Monsters




On our planet, there are places where strong enough to stamp a few times to have got out of the ground, "the fiery monsters."

There is in Tajikistan on the river Vakhsh mysterious mound, built of rounded stones. Mysterious, because scientists have not agreed about his origin. Some say that the eight-meter embankment, just a bunch of trash, which are composed of stones, cleaned the peasants from the surrounding fields. Others claim that the strange pile built by soldiers of Alexander the Great, whose army was held once in those places. And some of the locals will tell you seriously that under this mound lies the entrance to the fiery underworld inhabited by evil spirits, they still sometimes penetrate through the piled stones on top and there surrounded by black lights and the smell of sulfur, wrote "UNION Israeli portal in Russian. "

Of course, you can laugh at the stories of the Tajiks as ridiculous superstition: who today believe in the underground demons? But civilized American farmers talk about the unknown being, from time to time arising out of the ground on the banks of the Black River near the town of Lyons Falls (200 miles from New York City). Since 1951 there have repeatedly observed the witnesses giant animal origin not known.

The local paper mill worker who saw the monster near, gave him the following description ": Dark brown in color, with a round, slightly tapered body from which reeks of sulfur, eyes sparkle like silver dollars …" Locals also admitted that they had tried to catch the creature with the help of the network, but it passed through him as through the air …

The latter fact has given rise to a lot of ridicule especially among journalists, "Caught a hallucination! ..". But there were scientists who asked the question: "Why are similar legends exist in almost all nations of the world? Only if human stupidity the reason?" Conducted a series of studies, they concluded that many of the stories that describe the ghostly demons, fire-breathing dragons, other evil spirits, it could be based on real events, and, in fact, are the testimony of the witnesses of a natural phenomenon.

— In Russia, — says the researcher of this phenomenon S. Martianov — in these stories usually featured Kerber, or Cerberus (as someone more like it) — Satan's dog, who according to legend guards the entrance to the Underworld. From time to time he leaves office and walk out to the surface. And woe to those who meet on a fire-breathing monster. From a man leaving only charred remains.

— In British legends — continues S. Martianov mentions "Surrey puma," or just "big black dog" in Ireland — "goblin Puck" … They also arose out of the ground and killed people by burning them to ashes. Studying the old chronicles, I came to the conclusion that the Honourable Sir Conan Doyle did not have to strain your imagination especially, coming up with his dog Baskervilles. The fact that the English folk tradition flooded with stories of "ghost dogs, spewing flames out of its mouth," for centuries Shastal the swamps Britain and terrorizing the locals.

From the book "Folklore counties of England":

In the town Bangeya (Suffolk) Devil Dog visited the local church during the service. Parishioners together referred to her amazing, huge glowing eyes like saucers. When the dog ran right through two men praying on their knees, they dropped dead. Another man from touching "hellish creatures" forever wrinkled like a baked apple, though still alive …

The city Blitburge nowhere emerged a "black dog epic proportions with crimson eyes" unknown force scattered group of passers-by, killing two men and a teenager scorching fire of many others …

In Essex County the driver hit a "black dog", jumped right out of the ground in the middle of the road. As a result, and the man and the cart were burned to the ground …

In Aylesbury, in Gerrards county, one farmer had been careless enough to hit with a stick "black dog" by burnt in the twilight eyes. The glow was extinguished, but the farmer was paralyzed …

In Dartmouth, a gentleman saw a strange black beast resembling a calf. He decided to pet him, but his hand felt a void. Immediately there was a deafening explosion, which threw the mutilated animal lover for a dozen steps …

These stories about the "black creature with glowing eyes," as the researchers say, is very similar to the stories about the antics of ball lightning. The same ability to penetrate through the material objects, the same "explosion" … But are there light at the black fireballs, and whether their appearance under the ground? Turns out all it's real.

According to the teachings of modern tectonic stress energy the Earth's interior can be released not only by earthquakes, but also in the form of electrical discharges — electromagnetic radiation, linear and ball lightning. The annual environmental Gazette, which is issued in Novosibirsk, states that many UFO fireballs, soundless flash, observed recently scientists over the city — a consequence of activation of the fault of the local crystalline rocks.

Even called the place where the plasmoids appear very often — in the metro station "Red avenue" and in the western part of the city towards the airport Tolmachevo. Flaming objects from a few centimeters in diameter to several meters appear at different altitudes, and sometimes burst out of the ground.

Are not Kerber, goblin Puck and other such creatures mifrologicheskie siblings Novosibirsk plasmoids?

-Here's the second year running, we are trying to "catch" the phenomenon on video — says S. Martianov. — In the woods near Pskov is the "Devil's meadow", where, according to local residents, Cerberus appears most often. In the past year, I have personally seen there, as out of the ground there was "something black", were dispersed around the spark. If desired, this really could be mistaken for a large dog with glowing eyes. Kerber, we managed to make sure it has the ability to readily penetrate through the trees and rocks. The dark color can be attributed to a multitude of small particles of earth and dust that attracts plasma object.

His fever is obvious — he left a swath of withered grass and charred, and faced with a video camera on a tripod, turned it into the alloy piece of plastic. This year we were lucky. Installed in a clearing equipment showed the "underground calm." Then, to provoke a plasmoid, we used a powerful vibrator that rammed gravel for road construction. Visually, the phenomenon is not manifested, but highly sensitive film recorded the occurrence of the glow at ground level and the selection of small balls like soap bubbles. A similar effect, as we have learned, observed experts Denver University, compressing under pressure granite cube.

And those moments are clear of local legends, which tells of a sorcerer who can summon Cerberus, stamping her foot in the center of the clearing. With state of stress fracture (and the devices showed that under the glade runs geological fault) light enough concussions to provoke stuffing underground energy.

S.Martyanova Group continues to explore the phenomenon, which they called Kerber effect. And we are sure to tell about the research of this amazing phenomenon.


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