Fire season resumes

Fire season resumes Natural Disasters

In central and western Africa, the newly resumed land and forest fire season. Since mid-June, it recorded hundreds of new fires. Hardest-hit southern provinces of Angola, north-west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and south-east Zambia. Over all this territory to lift heavy curtain of smoke from fires that interferes with normal life of local residents. Smoke from the burning land in the Congo drift to neighboring countries, located north-west.

Fires in West Africa. 06/15/2012
In Africa, less extensive fires are not always the cause of extremely hot, dry weather. Often fire season opens people themselves, mindlessly burning bushes and grass to release new land for agricultural purposes, to remove any remaining old crop to new crop, for the control of insect pests, etc. for development Although lightning can also ignite fires in this region, it is highly likely that most of these fires are agricultural in origin. (MODIS)

Fires in the north of Central Russia.
Also, due to fires in several Eastern Russia declared a state of emergency. There's a fire raging in hundreds of centers on the northern edge of Siberia. The causes of fire are traditional: the stable dry weather and the burning of agricultural residues. In some places, the fire started from a lightning strike.

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