Fires in Siberia gaining power

Fires in Siberia gaining power Natural Disasters

In the Russian Siberian city covered with smog and a white veil of smoke from fires raging in the vast central Russia as a result of the incessant heat. Experts point out that every year in the fire burns more and more forests despite the preventive measures taken. In 2011 fire destroyed nine million hectares of forest, this year has already burned 10 million hectares of forest, which claims to be a new sad record.

Due to poor visibility, air departures from the Siberian city of Omsk and Tomsk canceled for the week. An attempt was fighting with helicopters produce small positive results, but the fire is still rather far from the city of arrays and does not threaten people. More dangerous acrid smoke which had covered almost all of the Tomsk region, if you look at it from the satellite. July heat up to 30 and above only adds spice to the situation.

At the moment, Siberia remains on 17,000 hectares of forest. Other sources claim that officials are silent about the real extent of the disaster, and the figure of 2 million hectares should be considered more credible.
Wildfires in Russia in 2010, became world discussed, when the capital of the country for about a week stood in thick smog, while killing at least 60 people and destroyed more than 3 million homes.

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