Fires in southern Greece

Fires in southern Greece Natural Disasters

On the Greek island of Kos, located in the Aegean Sea, in the new wave of fires forced the evacuation of three tourist hotel. All visitors had to be expected on the beach near the water, while firefighters tried to control the fire. Among the people there were no injuries, although their health deteriorated somewhat because of thick acrid smoke from the burning wood.

As it turned out, there was originally a fire in the forests of Arcadia and spread rapidly through the wind with a speed of 50 km / h and lasts for three days with a heat temperature +40 ° C. Fires in southern Peloponnese region, near the towns of Megalopolis and Corinth lasted for two days. This has caused the closure of several roads. Hearth near Megalopolis in 230 km south-west of Athens has already destroyed 2,700 hectares of forest and fields. The district evacuated several villages.

It is reported that six people were burned, including two locals and four officers fire department got a problem with the respiratory system. Just fire involved 200 firefighters, two helicopters and 59 fire pumps. A fire in a pine forest near the Corinth extinguished four water bombers, 34 firefighters and 17 pumps.

Small fire locked in a Christian monastery church on Mount Athos in northern Greece. The most ambitious in the modern history of Greece was a fire in 2007, when burned 250,000 hectares of forest and killed 77 people.

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