Fires in Spain led to the evacuation of thousands of people

Fires in Spain led to the evacuation of thousands of people Natural Disasters

Since the beginning of the fire at the two Canary Islands La Gomera and Tenerife evacuation exposed 5000 people. Many roads are blocked for security reasons. Fire swept the smallest island of the archipelago more than a week ago, but so far the operation to extinguish not yielded results. The flames threatened the safety of local national parks. In one of them, called Garajonay destroyed almost 810 hectares of forest. This is a huge loss, as many of the species of flora have an age of more than 11 million years.

The number corresponds to a quarter of the evacuated population of the Canary Islands. Fire reached 11% of their area. As in mainland Spain, fires easily spread vegetation islands, dry during the dry winter and temperatures around +44 ° C, hold for August. On the mainland, in Valencia, Catalonia, Galicia and the fires in 2012 are recognized as one of the biggest in decades.

The weather conditions did not contribute to the rapid fire suppression. During one of the raids in Alicante fire killed two people. Only in Spain were 10 active fires. Recognized as the most dangerous fire Kabaneros National Park in the west, home to thousands of rare species, and the fire near Donau in the southwest, as the interim seat of birds migrating to Europe.

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