First Chinese warning from Putin

The first Chinese warning from PutinIt's been nearly a year since a Russian security services detained a Chinese citizen Tun Shenyuna, who was accused of trying to spy for China. Naturally the presence of Chinese spies in the world for whom it is difficult however to amaze, and this situation could be resolved fairly easily if it were not for a number of "buts." The first and most important: Our homeland has decided not to deport a Chinese citizen from the country within 48 hours, as it was built with Romanian and Israeli spies. Our homeland is not only not expelled Shenyuna, and opened a criminal case against him! 2nd: just before the visit of Prime Minister Putin's visit to China is catching Thun Shenyuna was betrayed by the general public, as well as the fact that this man will be judged by Russian law.

There is at once a few questions. In 1-x, why our country so decided to aggressively enter the spy particularly "friendly in every way" of China? And, in-2, why the handy pull a publicity immediately before Putin's trip to the Middle Kingdom?

On this account, there are several views at once, and that such submissions were not only analysts RF, and the zabugornye representatives.
So, sir Shenyun, posing as an interpreter, tried to "give the paw" some people from among the people in Russia who knows the secrets of creation and maintenance of the S-300. We find that the spy scandal of the framework of ordinary spyware flows to the same corruption in the plane. Due to the fact that the management of our country once was trying to convince us that a fierce fight against bribery is conducted on all fronts, you can make subsequent output. Maybe the Kremlin (well, or our "White House") have decided to show the world that all that will be burnt out for corruption in the bud. And that, he says, not even in the matter of who and what the country has performed as part of the subject-subject relations in giving or receiving bribes. If so, the decision may be referred to a fully balanced specious and do not have a severe case for a real fight against corruption in our country.

Some Russian and foreign (Western) analysts behold the arrest of a Chinese spy and giving him a Russian court followed. In their version to China just decided to show that no matter how cramped it was a mutual partnership, our motherland can give a definitive answer in the case of illegal actions. This indicates that China is currently perceived that a foreign power that occupies a leading position in terms of arms supplies to the world market. It turns out that if our country "Showed no teeth" in the case of Tun Shenyunom, China could not continue the implementation of a fully traditional espionage schemes in the country. By the way, the model with bribery — is a very clear move by the Chinese against Russia. Indeed, what should be implemented in the military departments, contrive double or triple game, when we can solve all the ordinary means of an envelope filled with large bills …

With all this we should not forget that the publicity caught Shenyuna accomplished specifically shortly before the visit Fishing season in China. Accident? It's unlikely. It can be fully explained by the fact that Putin will arrive in the Middle Kingdom is not as "normal" premiere, and in the face of the fledging presidential candidate.

And such status can definitely answer the Chinese, he loves to express our Vladimir Vladimirovich, "partners" that "descent" to them, he does not want to give. One can assume that this is the first tough response zabugornom powers from Putin returning to the political Olympus. And it's not even some Chinese spy, and in relation between states in general.

But the capture of the capture, the tribunal tribunal, but many do not quite understand why the Chinese generally useful documents on the C-300, if they are for a number of years, these anti-aircraft missile systems purchased from Russia. After all, who else but the Chinese themselves can all be pulled down to the smallest screw, to master the technology and the production of civilian and military vehicles. On this score specialists have further discussions. They claim that the S-300 is not the case when you can "stupid" copy "hardware" and get the same result. In this case it is necessary to take into account a number of reasons for setting up the complex and its parametric testing. In addition, the supplied S-300 beyond the boundaries of, to put it mildly, is not quite what it costs to protect the borders of Russia itself. This worries the Chinese and other buyers zabugornyh Russian military equipment. The partner countries argue that our homeland is often disingenuous, selling them arms standards that are far from flawless. Maybe this particular situation and become a prerequisite for ensuring that China is more closely "interested" Russian S-300.

If we talk about the scale of Chinese espionage, in recent years, it is amazing the world. In particular, intensive "work" Chinese in the United States, where officials said the FBI has in nearly every aspect (from manufacturing to financial institutions), "sitting" person associated with the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Can this be called an American spy mania? Hardly. Chinese hackers "love" to make a cyber attack websites of numerous U.S. companies and international companies. Last year alone, there were several attempts to gain access to the mailboxes of senior U.S. officials. Naturally, "Chinese footprint "directly was not found, but the FBI says stubbornly specifically about him.

In this regard, RF is to use the situation to get caught Shenyunom as a show trial against the people of those countries who show extra enthusiasm for the Russian secrets.

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