First components of the second battery air defense missile system Tor-M2 arrived in Belarus

The first components of the second battery air defense missile system "Tor-M2" arrived in Belarus

First components of the second battery air defense missile system "Tor-M2" arrived in the Republic of Belarus. Delivery shall be in accordance with the State applets weapons, 2006-2015., Said the press service of the Defense Ministry of Belarus.

First battery air defense missile system "Tor-M2" entered service the 120th air defense missile brigade of the Western operational-tactical command of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces at the end of 2011. In 2012, the division of the brigade took part in the exercises with battle Ashuluk shooting at the range, where it was priced perfectly.

Rearmament connection to the latest anti-aircraft missile defense technology will allow significantly enhance combat abilities Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Republic Belarus air defense.

Air defense missile system "Tor-M2" is designed to solve the problems of air defense, it provides an effective air defense military and civilian facilities. Complex capable of doing battle tasks in all weather criteria.

It is an effective means of destruction of aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft aerodynamics, guided missiles, and other parts of precision instruments, soaring on the medium, small and low altitudes in the most sophisticated air and noise conditions.

Battery "Tor-M2", comprising four combat vehicles can hit 16 targets at once, soaring from all directions at speeds of up to 700 m / s at a distance of 12 km and a height of up to 10 km in all weather criteria of days and NIGHT MODE. The highest combat effectiveness is also obtained due entirely new method of interaction between machines running in a pair. They intensive exchange battle information purposes distribute themselves among themselves. Absolutely automated systems, the role of human minimized.

In general, once a year for the supply of arms and the Armed Forces of Belarus received up to 30 and more than the latest models. In the current year adopted 35 new models of military and special equipment. At the current time on the field testing results are preparing documents for the adoption of 3 more. As part of the activities of the Municipal defense order in 2012 bought more than 200 new models of military hardware.

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