First foreign customer of S-400 may be China

First foreign customer of S-400 may be China

In 2007, the Russian army has adopted a new anti-aircraft missile system S-400 «Triumph». Since that time, while the armed forces got a few sets of modern regimental system. According to various sources, are on duty now 5-7 regiments of S-400. Until 2020, meant to buy and put on duty more than 26-28 regimental sets.

During the second half of the decade may begin first deliveries of the new Russian air defense missile system zabugornye customers. First foreign countries which will receive S-400 may be China. Few years ago it became clear that the military department of China shows a certain enthusiasm for the new Russian SAM production. During a certain time, the new posts on this subject have been received. A few days reverse it became clear that China and our homeland are negotiating about the likely delivery of anti-aircraft systems.

Talks with representatives of China said the publication «Kommersant», obtained this information from the Governor of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin. According to a bureaucrat at the moment last bilateral talks. Their result could be the signing of the respective agreement for the supply of modern military equipment.

Great interest is the information acquired by the publication «Kommersant» from an unnamed source close to the Russian administration. This source claims that talks to supply S-400 in China received a personal endorsement of President Vladimir Putin. Also, a source close to the Kremlin, said that the decision to start negotiations with the Chinese military was adopted early in 2014. So makarom going at the moment negotiations are not connected with the latest events and divisions in the international arena. Possible delivery of S-400 China has no business to events around Ukraine.

First message of the desire of the Chinese military to get new Russian air defense systems have appeared in 2011-12. In the past few years the bureaucrats of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation had read more than once about the probable agreement with Chinese partners, but after the policy statements were made. In late January of this year, CEO of Rosoboronexport A. Isaykin recalled that several years ago S-400 complexes have been the subject of international negotiations. But for various reasons the Russian side was obliged to freeze negotiations. In this regard, the emergence of the first export supply contracts ready systems S-400 will begin no earlier than 2016.

According to some reports, a prerequisite for the suspension of the talks was the pace of construction and some other complexes prepyadstviya. Thus, the timing of the delivery of anti-aircraft systems zabugornye customers could affect the desires and needs of the Russian armed forces. Ability Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» is not allowed to immediately provide the armed forces of the Russian Federation the right amount of modern technology, which is why, perhaps, all negotiations for deliveries to third countries were postponed. In addition, in the context of military-technical cooperation with China is often mentioned version, according to which the Russian defense industry is afraid of copying their designs. By the time the true partly solved these problems. Concern «Almaz-Antey» builds a new factory that will make the increment amount of the produced equipment. In addition, the Russian-Chinese signed a contract on human mental equipment in the field of military-technical cooperation.

Probable signing of a contract to supply S-400 Chinese armed forces will continue the long cooperation 2-States. China is usually one of the main buyers of Russian weapons and military equipment. According to the Stockholm Institute research problems of the world, in 2009-2013, 64% of imported machinery and tools, set in China, were made in Russia. Apparently, the two countries do not want to reduce the volume of cooperation, and the probable sale of S-400 systems will be followed by a step in mutually beneficial bilateral relations.

According to reports, the desire of the Chinese military have changed over time. Thus, during the last negotiations media reported that China wants to buy one new Division Russian SAMs. Now, according to «Kommersant», subject to negotiation are two or four divisions. In addition, China longs to get clear tactical and technical characteristics of C-400. Official proof or refutation of this disk imaging has not yet been reported.

Of information should be placed, in the current time, the parties clarify different aspects of the probable contract to supply air defense systems and have not yet led to its final criteria. For this reason, it is too early talk about the amount planned for delivery systems, the contract price and the timing of its execution. It seems, at this point it is safe to read only that the first buyer zabugornye S-400 will be China, but first he ordered system will be delivered before 2016. The results of ongoing negotiations and terms of the new contract may be placed in the next few months.

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