First IL-76MD90-A sent to flight test station

The main weary military transport aircraft Russian air force at the present time is the Il-76. With the first flight of the day or it was a little more than forty years. All the while, the designers of the company "Ilyushin" together with the staff of aircraft factories were working intensively on improving the design, improvement of avionics and engine updates. Total now has nearly two dozen versions for different purposes made on the basis of the original IL-76. In the current time of "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. SV Ilyushin "with the aircraft factory" Aviastar-SP "is working on creating the next version of the air truck.

The first Il-76MD90-A sent to the flight test station

Currently First flying prototype aircraft Sludge-76MD-90A, also widely known by the unofficial title Sludge-476, is preparing to start testing. 5th of July, the aircraft with the serial number "01-02" was removed from the assembly line and sent to the flight test station (LIS) of the plant "Aviastar-SP". Noteworthy that in the middle of last December, the same aircraft has left the shop. Then there was a small wave of news in the media disk imaging, but, nevertheless, was not the final roll-out. Not later than plane returned under the roof of the assembly shop — turned out to be not met all of the necessary work. The next few months left for the elimination of deficiencies and correcting the errors. Now the first and most experienced board is ready you can start testing it.

Of course, such "adventure" could not affect the pace of implementation of the project Il-76MD-90A. Thus, at the time of the first "roll-out" of the aircraft from the shop in December 2011, the first flight of the aircraft refreshed planned for April this year. But the subsequent translation into action of LIS forced to seriously reconsider the plan. Finally, at this point, control design office or factory is not voiced their intentions as to the timing. As for the rumors, different unofficial sources at the moment they say about the August-September. This assumption, too, can not be confirmed, although, in the light of the ordinary duration of the preliminary work prior to testing, the end of summer and the beginning illumine look quite plausible version. Even more vague look deadlines start of series production aircraft. In the best case, Il-76MD-90A will "go off the assembly line" was in 2014 or even later. By the time the average age of the drill IL-76 of all modifications closer to the mark of 25-30 years. Of course, with proper maintenance of aircraft can operate and more. But, just this, do not forget about the time produce enough planes. That is, to replace all the existing two hundred units of IL-76 will come in handy some time. It is unlikely that all of this will be produced until 2020, when the average age will grow.

The first Il-76MD90-A sent to the flight test station

The purpose of the next upgrade is to improve transport aircraft flight characteristics and increase economic efficiency. The main change — the engines. Instead of old times engines of D-30, IL-476 is equipped with a bypass turbojet PS-90A-76 (JSC "Aircraft Engine"). Thus, the D-30KP developed the highest thrust up to 13 tons and had a fuel consumption of about 0.7 kg of fuel to create thrust in 1 kg per hour. For the motor PS-90A-76, these characteristics are equal 14.5 tons and 0.59 kg / kg * h, respectively. Knowing these two parameters, it is easy to calculate how many kg of fuel saved in just an hour flight. In addition, all engines of PS-90 absolutely meet all ICAO standards, allowing them to operate aircraft kitted out with virtually no restrictions. Eventually, with a similar load refreshed IL-76 has a range of 15-18% more than the previous versions.

In addition to the modern power plant Il-76MD-90A was refreshed wing and landing gear. Thanks to a number of design configurations managed to make a few percent better performance take-off and landing. Of course, this is still only theoretical calculations, but there is reason to believe that a new trial on the plane one hundred percent of their confirm. In the end, one of the main "pillars" of modernization is brand new avionics. First, the radical transformation undergone navigating complex plane. Despite the fact that IL-76MD-90A retained the proper cabin mate, the work of this crew has changed significantly in the best possible way. Brand new equipment greatly simplifies all mate calculations. Some experts say that at this rate of development of the sighting system, the subsequent plane of the IL-76 may be left without a navigator as an individual member of the crew — duties may be split between the equipment and pilots. It looks like they're right. The fact that the current modernization of IL-76 was one hundred percent refreshed instrument panels, made in accordance with the concept of a glass cockpit, greatly facilitate the work of the pilots.

The first Il-76MD90-A sent to the flight test station

But all the configurations, such as engines, electronics or wing, have only one purpose: to make the best of the aircraft as an air truck. According to calculations by the office "Ilyushin" and the factory workers' Aviastar-SP ", Il-76MD-90A is capable of carrying up to 50-52 tonnes of cargo. The biggest take-off weight with all this increased to 210 tons.

According to the general director of the Ulyanovsk plant S. Dementieva, Il-76MD-90A is, almost, the hope of the company. Specifically, the beginning of serial construction of these aircraft will be able to bring "Aviastar-SP" from a period of financial problems. Well, in the Ulyanovsk region-wide order for renewal of the Russian Air Force will provide a number of positive effects. The fact is that by 2020, it is planned to change to 50-70% of the available troops in the IL-76. It is easy to see that this order of hundreds of planes and then imagine the scale of the order. As the deputy chairman of the government of the Ulyanovsk region B. ZINNUROV, the project affects not only on the economy of the region, and on the life of the whole country.

In general, the project of modernization of the IL-76 is really useful not only to upgrade the Air Force. Only there is one "but". First plane must make its own first flight, to complete a full cycle of tests and get all the necessary documents and certificates. After that "dream" about the prospects of good-quality project will not only be the plans and the situation will begin to change in the best possible way.

The first Il-76MD90-A sent to the flight test station

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