First photo VT-1A aircraft Bangladesh

The forum Bangladesh Armed Forces appeared the first photos of Chinese tanks VT-1A, acquired this state.

First pictures VT-1A aircraft Bangladesh

China is gaining momentum in the export tanks over the limit, often forcing harsh suppliers such as our homeland (VT-1A rival in Morocco were tanks T-90S). Tank VT-1A a number of characteristics is not inferior to the best zabugornom tanks and many exceed the T-90S (the presence of the commander panoramic sight, modern logistics with the engine 6TD-2, a modular scheme of booking).

The first time the tanks with such engines (6TD-1I, a designation received slider for Pakistan) were delivered to Pakistan as part of the T-80UD (object 478BE). Tests and operation of tanks confirmed their higher reliability and lack of power reduction when used in hot areas criteria (TVS? 55 C). This determined the subsequent purchase of the MTO with 6TD-2 (engine, transmission and cooling system) for tanks produced in Pakistan, "Al-Khalid" (about 300 sets), deliveries began in 2001 with the start of deliveries of engines to Pakistan last.

Operation of the T-80UD and "Al-Khalid" showed the world that a series of two-stroke engines 6TD firmly operate in extreme climatic criteria despite the prophecies of "scientific" skeptics.

After the successful operation of tanks with 6TD-2 in Pakistan, and they became interested in China. Currently the tanks with 6TD-2 engines are available in Morocco (link *. Pdf), Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The conflict between the interests of the Ukrainian and Chinese side is not allowed realized the contract for the supply tanks with 6TD-2 (VT-1A) in Peru.

First pictures VT-1A aircraft Bangladesh

Photo tier-tank VT-1A for the Bangladesh Armed Forces in China.

Batch creation engines 6TD-1 began in the second half of the 80s to the T-80UD. In the process of testing the engines 6TD-1 worked 500 hours in different weather zones without comment, confirming the highest level of reliability. Diesels series 6TD have great potential for development.

If you go back to the history, then the challenger series engines 6TD engines were developing a series 2B CTZ (X-shaped 2B-12 and 2B-6).

Competitiveness between 6TD and 2B caused severe debate in 80 years at the management level Russian tank development. But history has judged opponents. 2B diesel engine series has failed as when mounted on tank, and in the light combat vehicles.

More than 20 years after discussions prospects engine in the USSR. Russian alliance fell apart. With the engine 6TD Ukraine was on the other side of the border, no one interfered with the development of motor 2B-12. But where at the moment of this engine? At T-72 tanks, renamed T-90 as before continues to serve as the Kharkov "grandfather" B-2 with a range of enhancements (B-92S2).

This confirms the assertion that the creation of tank engine — a very difficult, labor-intensive and expensive process. And it is not acceptable if the technique interferes policy (mentioned this creator 6TD NK Ryazancev).

Currently outdated engine B-2 (H-92), which was set by another famous T-34 is a "brake" of tank development in Russia. Not in vain, Russian President Vladimir Putin has studied the properties of the motor 6TD-3 on display at the N. Tagil.

In the meantime, we have a situation where the fruits of the labor of thousands of Russian people from Kharkov, Moscow, Leningrad, Baku and other cities are destined to take advantage of China.

Gur Khan: he gave no configurations of ZhZhechki Andrew Tarasenko, For the last sentence just to squeeze out a tear touching. In fact Tarasenko again not original — as the saying goes, "in his own repertoire," why could not continue. But all the same, especially not touching the Ukraine and their engines, although the reason more than I note some obvious errors and fraud in the cited publication of our most famous forger and a liar.

So, Tarasenko writes that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the show REA-2011 "interested" Ukrainian 6TD-3 engine — this is not true. First Putin that called for completely "drum" to these glands, and secondly, as a witness, I can say that the shield "UkrSpetsExport" Putin delayed at least 1-1.5 Minutka — it just "carried" by. In-vtoroi, such as the motor was not there — it was a mock-up, which or works, or does not work — this is the great lurking and HKBD this issue for the time being has not commented. In any case, "supertanke" "MBT-M" of the dvigunov yet or not, though initially stated that he will develop a so.

Tarasenko asked about the fate 2B engines in Russia — the usual answer — their time has not come yet. Tank T-72 and T-90 zaglazno enough B-92S2, which is cheap, reliable, well worked out technologically and structurally, which can be operated and repaired. Diesel engine type 2B-12 are designed for other, more massive and modern machinery — the T-95 and the "Armata".

Now for the "Chinese" — as advertised Tarasenko VT-1A — nothing else as a licensed Russian "pyatdesyatchetverka" with the bad old Kharkov engine. In order for it to survive on the modern battlefield, the Chinese ponavesili this tank additional "hardware". Naturally, the native dizelek B-2 such a mass is not pulling (to the article and the "Citadel" passed for 51 tons — from what Ukrainians edge as useful engines in 1200l.s. — Ah I yay! Where is "Morozov" school with its weight culture?), that's when the Chinese have turned to the world — "let us at least that-nibudt for stronger." "Gave" Only Ukraine — all other stupid "squeezed" their engines. So there is nothing to mourn for Andrew Chinese achievement — they themselves dvigunov postavyalyut — not forced, with all this, besides being blackmailed, as in the case of Peru came out (about this fact does not write something Andrew, although still mentions Peru) . By the way, please send a note to the company pochetaemoe significantly prirosshy dimension (height) MTO Chinese tank. For you, nothing says it's not? After all, Ukraine 6TD advertises its own as a very compact slider, which exceeds the overall capacity of all and everything! Why so grew the fifth point at the "Chinese"? I can imagine that they, the Chinese, had significantly increase the volume of air filtration systems and cooling — in the unlikely event that 6TD just get up there for a few hours. It's about the accident, "55 deg. Celsius).

Even funnier is looked advertising by Tarasenko protection VT-1A, especially its towers. Oh, how we love Andrew watered and "incorrect" Russian DZ "Kontakt-5" and how it "sabotage" is set on the T-72 and T-90 Ural designers. All of these "gaps" and "weak zones" rather tired of it. And here are the … It turns out that the Chinese have all the "correct" is, and "holes" that have become only more reason or cause Tarasenko admiration, not a "righteous anger." Weird guy …

Oh, and most importantly … Tarasenko leads the list of countries in which supplied VT-1A and presents it as a great success of Sino-hohlyatsky military-technical cooperation. But for some reason does not name the number of cars that come in these three (3) of the country. Add Pakistan to the Ukraine-China-Pakistan "Al-Khalid" — four countries out. But why the Chinese, for their own internal use such a good and "promising" 6TD uses it? Maybe we should tell Andrew somehow? At the same time, the tanks of the T-90 and B-92S2 engines are in service with six (6) states: India, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Syria, Uganda, Tajikistan. For all this, do not forget that and native Russian army be successfully uses the T-90 and upgraded T-72 engines with V-92S2. Another country — Kazakhstan — bought BMPT, CBT-1 and ARV-1M all the same "will not fit" B-92S2. Togo 8 states. With all of this procurement are estimated hundred square meters of units, and the cumulative release has long passed for a thousand, the second will be over soon. In the final stage of signing contracts are still a few, including with countries that offer both a "bulwark" and "VT-1A" — for this reason, until the actual delivery I keep silence names of these countries. Can the Chinese and Ukrainians boast such sales? If so, why not brag?

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