First representative of the PAK DA will be in 10 years

The first representative of the PAK DA will be in 10 years

Tests promising aviation complex Distant aviation will begin in 2022, said the commander of the Russian Air Force aircraft Distant Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhiharev.

"I think that in 2022 will be the first plane, will begin testing ", — said A.Zhiharev Tuesday at a meeting of the "round table" on "Role and importance of new materials and technologies in the design and development of military aircraft" All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (Aviation Materials), Moscow.

According to him, the preliminary design of the new aircraft has been completed and signed, at the moment begin development work on it.

He also noted that the development of a promising new aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA) of great importance is given to composite materials "in order to reduce the effective reflective surface."

A.Zhiharev also added that at this point in the distant aircraft being upgraded all aircraft types, namely, pass the work on extending the life of the far-carrying bomber Tu-160 and 30.

"Modernization of the first step has already started on all 3 types of aircraft, in-depth modernization of the Tu-160, development work will begin in 2016," — said Lieutenant-General.

He said that an in-depth modernization of 10 aircraft will be held immediately after which they will receive new instruments and avionics. "It will be a very different plane"- Highlighted the A.Zhiharev.

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