First Russian war — a masterpiece of imperial grandeur administrative machine

First World War - a masterpiece of imperial grandeur of the administrative machine

The top of the First Russian delirium is its majestic result — the Holy Alliance.

"Tell me, uncle, it's not for nothing? .." In fact, the answer is not so simple. On the one hand, of course, not a gift. First Russian war — Segodnyaschy our main theme — which turns 200 years old — is an example of a masterpiece of imperial grandeur administrative machine, not to mention the greatness of the spirit of the Russian people. Our founders rightly point to the underappreciated successes not only of military control, and the talent of the economic and logistical organization of the colossal events associated with the movement, providing a large mass of troops, with which, for example, brilliantly mastered the imperial Our homeland and totally not cope "modern" advanced imperial France. No Napoleonic Code, the promotion of human values, a European management in that it does not promote. As a result, the First Russian Our homeland indeed reincarnated into the most powerful European power. And we need it?

Geopolitical results of the war years 1812-1815 standard is absurd for Russian history. This is a classic of our foreign policy, its common historical trauma. We have fought wars and then always after which, with its natural geopolitical ally in the interest and for the benefit of its own geopolitical adversary. The fact that the geopolitical ally behaved, both then and since, very disloyal and did his best to become a military opponent, does not justify the idiocy of the situation. It is, after all, is not it the problem, and ours. The fact that we are forced to serve the interests of geopolitical enemy — that's our problem of, our state elites, our political system, our historical destiny. All of their stately war — three Russian — Our homeland was at war for Britain. Either the Anglo-Saxon empire in the broad sense of the word. Napoleonic France, Nazi Germany and the Kaiser did everything we could to this absurd situation geopolitically accomplished. We solve their problems could not. We pulled the chestnuts out of the fire is not easy for someone else's uncle, and for their own direct opponent. How to read Talleyrand is worse than treason, is a mistake.

The top of the First Russian delirium is its stately total — The Holy Alliance. Our homeland in the context of its own majestic mission undertook to provide their own ideological view of the world. Legitimism XIX century — is still upholding the principles of "international law" now. Our homeland has used its greatness and the power of realizing their ideological chimera its geopolitical interests for the sake of others. Striking example — we saved the Austrian Empire, which actually Russian story of the tomb, and then tried in this direction. Who'd have to think about? .. All this somehow involuntarily recalls the greatest in modern Russian history event — the August war in South Ossetia. And its geopolitical total, we received in accordance with our ideological attitudes.

The victory, valor, glory to have a self-sufficient life. It's all very basic. But basically all the same thought. And somehow think that our victory was not the inverse of our geopolitical interests. There is a popular platitude: "History teaches us that it teaches nothing." But our society find a way to get away from this is simple — do not teach history in general.

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