First Stinger

The first "Stinger"

President Reagan thought: now that Russia got bogged down in Afghanistan — it is necessary. United States began intensively to help the Mujahideen. Our soldiers in the Afghan mountains had to take the first call.

Meltanayskoe Gorge

"In January 1987 the first major Evgeny Sergeev was deputy commander for combat training 186 th of a separate group of special purpose GRU. But in Afghanistan squad was called to mask simple: the 7th Battalion. Engaged interception dushman caravans. A senior lieutenant Vladimir Kovtun — Commander of the most effective. Sergeyev has long planned to ambush the reach Meltanayskom Gorge, a district of Kandahar. And flew there on a reconnaissance — Sergeev, Kovtun and a group of senior lieutenant Cheboksarova (Kovtunovsky guys getting ready for this ambush, and with their Cheboksarov were at hand).

Went like this: special forces on 2-Mi-8 helicopters and two Mi-24 support. Sergeyev and Kovtun — at the head of Mi-8, Sergeev — on-site bortstrelka. He first saw a group of armed men along the ground, and gave all of course gun — pointed target. From below in response — two smoke trail: shelled. In this case, at the moment our not realize that it's "Stinger", decided to just grenade launcher — were smallish, and the "stinger" low-flying targets are not captured. Well … escort vehicles remain in the air and fire dushmans take a "bag", Mi-8, go to the ground. Special Forces landed — and came under fire dagger. But of course it was — "Spirits" still caught off guard. The battle has begun.

Commanded Sergeev — and very fine. "Spirits" have started to withdraw. Kovtun saw one of them jumped out of hiding and firing, ran along the bed of a dried-up stream. It was something unusual — a quixotic pipe behind his back, in his hand — a weird thing. Vladimir jerked him. The gap, but was very large, the "spirit" could not go. A Kovtun — master of sports of shooting. Raised his gun. The bullet hit the "spirit" in the back of the head. Kovtun ran, collected trophies. Already realized that the tube — from MANPADS … A thing that the dead man was holding — a prestigious suitcase diplomat. Could not be delayed, returned to the helicopter. Meanwhile, the soldiers found the two more on the ground to shoot the same pipe. In the helicopter Vladimir intently looked at the pipe, opened the diplomat. On the pipes — a proprietary marking in briefcase — the entire set of instructions for use in combat … "Eugene! This is the "Stinger"! — Clicked Sergeyev. He turned and broke into a grin: "Congratulations!" Few months back before the line was reading order: those who first capture "Stinger", will receive the Hero of Russian Union ".

Unfulfilled promises

I quote a dictaphone recording of a conversation with Evgeny Loginov — the creator of the script of the documentary film "Star for" Stinger "(the TV company" AB-TV ", director — A. Miloslavov, October 25 channel plans to show the movie" Star "). On the screen the same story he told Vladimir Kovtun and the then commander of the 22th Special Forces Brigade GRU Lieutenant General, retired Dmitry Gerasimov. First produced in Afghanistan "Stinger" and everything that happened around him — the theme of the picture.

"Trophy of special importance" was immediately shown at a press conference in Kabul, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a pleasant confirmation of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The same night, flew to Moscow to understanding people who have long wanted to dismantle the South American novelty cog, to study, to compare. Kovtun and Sergeeva presented to the Hero.

But they did not get the Hero. Why? We can only guess. Maybe someone else has decided to enter the lists, and did not work — "so do not get you to anyone!". Maybe the candidates seem controversial: Special Forces — people sharp, undiplomatic, because of what happens, all sorts of situations happen. At the same Sergeeva, for example, unexpunged partvzyskanie — like here to give the Hero?

Vladimir Kovtun and Evgeny Sergeev continued to wage war. And then something happened that had happened — with the army and with the state.

The stores GRU Colonel V. Kovtun, now the farmer in the Vladimir region. Evgeny Sergeev died in 2008: an old wound, heart. He was 54. Sergeeva movie memory and dedicated.

About the history of the capture of the first "stinger" wrote more than once, there is a feature film, "Hunters for the caravans." So people familiar with the Afghan-spetsnaz theme, we currently hardly uttered something new. But in-1's, in spite of all the publications, participants in the operation so to this day really and not awarded. To correct an unseemly situation for her to remember and recall. And second …

On the side

We repeat — there is a certain history, and have a background in which it occurred.

It is now Evgeny Loginov — writer-filmmaker. And he was a colonel general supplies, military translator with grant — 1st major Afghan languages. Respectively from 1987 to 1989 — in Afghanistan. For him and coming in documentaries began with a role in the different gears — first specifically invited as an expert on the Afghan issue. Of course, working on the painting, drew on his knowledge, communication skills. Therefore, in the film involved a lot of people "on the side" — Former Afghan warlords Haji Aka Sadar and Muhammad Arif, a member of the CIA in 1985-1989, Nick Pratt, a German filmmaker Dittmar Hack, who went by caravan across the Pakistani border and filmed fighting with ours. Answer the questions quietly, frankly — so many years have passed, then really!

Therefore, the "Academy" was curious to talk with Evgeny Loginov not only as one of the creators of the film, and as a specialist, Afghanistan.

— Evgeny Leonidovich, remember the South American movie "Charlie Wilson's War"? Some congressman, a rake and succumb in a moment imbued with the idea of using the ill-fated Russian occupied by the Afghans and twists Stealther intriguing to provide dushmans "stingers." And now falling, flaming, Russian helicopters — and then the end of the war. "It did Charlie!" …

— I beheld a movie, read a book on which it is shot. Drilling Hollywood "Fantasy on." Yes, there was Wilson — one of the many involved in the stories from the "Stingers". Yes, the "Stingers" seriously complicated the missions in the Afghan sky. But on the whole …

"Stinger" (English FIM-92 Stinger) — South American portable anti-aircraft missile system, designed to engage low-flying targets. Developed by "General Dynamics." Adopted in 1981. Easy and relatively common in use, "Stinger" missiles fired "land-to-air" and is in service with nearly 30 countries.

Before and after

— When, in September 1979, we entered Afghanistan (remember — indeed at the request of the then Afghan government!), U.S. President Carter said it — a threat to peace. Came to replace him Reagan suggested, once Russia's out there — let's create a war is very expensive and exhausting for them. Began long-standing "Operation Cyclone": finance, logistics and training militants. The materials on it in the United Stat
es are classified to this day, but there is literature that can be trusted — for example, the memories of Muhammad Yusuf, a former deputy chief of the Pakistani Intelligence Service (formally all done with her hands), books of South American military professional Lester Grau … General Yusuf, we By the way, want to stay — but the other day he was killed, was already old. But Nick Pratt took off. This is someone who specifically was responsible for the military training of Mujahideen. Pratt says directly: Tips acted in Yemen, Ethiopia, because of you we have had problems in Nicaragua and Granada, you helped Vietnamese — well, have a chance to get even.

— But for the moment at the South American helicopters Taliban beating one of those "stingers" …

— Well, let those "stingers" has long been neboeprigodny. Their battery is designed for two years, and even then with the appropriate storage. Generally until the introduction of the true facts of MANPADS in Afghanistan is not fixed. "Chinook" with "sea lion", which wiped out bin Laden, apparently knocked out of the ordinary grenade. Another thing is that the Americans MANPADS really very afraid. Population declared: we have them you are willing to take. Provide such means that the Afghans simply can not resist.

— You do not cause involuntary malevolence fact: while the Americans helped dushmans, but at the moment themselves bogged down in Afghanistan?

— Schadenfreude — against whom? These soldiers and officers? No, it does not matter. I'm visiting in Afghanistan, met with them. Really sincerely believe that the Afghans are free. You can shrug your shoulders, but … I am a military, they are the military. Military person will be given an order — it goes where told. What is glee?

Increasingly difficult. Of course, could not help drawing a parallel. Our army is that war is not lost: the troops solves puzzles, the situation was under control. But the economy of the Soviet Union really did not withstand load. By my calculations, Afghanistan cost us 33 billion convertible rubles. Bucks then recall cost 60-70 cents. At the Yankees at this point — the identical difficulties. On the military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq (for them it is a common operation) has long spent more than a trillion dollars, the Pentagon has requested billion and billion! Already counted: it is the most expensive war in U.S. history after the second World War.

But significantly. Most of the American spending — almost various forms of payments to U.S. citizens (military, etc.) located there. In other words, these funds indirectly in the United States still come back. We have a lion's share of the departed billion were investments in the development of Afghanistan. We blamed the occupation — was only a quixotic occupation, Where have you beheld, that the occupants in the occupied areas have built more than 140 objects? And no! House building factories, industrial plants … Such is the difference approaches. Great this is either a bad thing? Let's think.

But what exactly is bad — remember people like Kovtun and Sergeev. It was they who were doing their job honestly.

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